WomensRadio with Lisa Buyer: How to Balance Social PR + Life


Lisa Buyer speaks social media with WomensRadio, a community of Online Radio Programming delivered by expert Radio Hosts discussing a wide range of captivating and timely subjects, and a 2011 sponsor of PubCon.

Buyer shares with women business leaders how to use Social PR to grow business and traffic.

What is SocialPR?

The convergence of yesterday’s public relations with today’s social media strategies. Search and social media changed PR forever, in a good way! I believe the press release has morphed into storytelling via Tweets, Posts, Blogs, Videos and niche social networks. Journalists can connect with us in many new ways and social media connects companies with customers in a way that public relations professionals can be better and more effective.

How do you zero in on the effectiveness of Social PR marketing without getting caught up in the potential black holes of social media distractions?

“Social media can be effective and it can be a huge time sucker,” said Buyer. “It is important for businesses to find new ways to use social media, especially from a public relations angle.  But it is equally as important that as a professional, we minimize the daily clutter and distractions social media can bring. It is always important to find a way to focus on those key items which are truly the top priorities in our daily lives.”

Lisa Buyer’s Interview Highlights from Women’s Radio

  • Find the road less traveled and think out of your industry box! Learn new things and in different networks. If you are in PR, instead of going to a PRSA conference, try an online marketing conference like SES or PubCon.
  • Learn how to speak the SEO and Web language, knowledge is power.
  • Social media is on the emerging forefront, it should be on the radar for our PR professionals. Lisa Buyer started when it wasn’t “cool”.
  • Why is social media so cool now? Social media helps brands target peoples likes and interests.
  • Online and Traditional media have merged, it’s not a replacement, the two go hand and hand..

Social media can be an extreme time sucker and it It looks like you have a heavy travel schedule, a family, your own business – what do you do keep the balance?

  • Trek Desk – Lisa Buyer spends her work days walking and working from her Trek Desk. She walks about 30 miles a week or an average of 5-8 miles a day while writing, tweeting or talking on conference calls.
  • Yoga – Inspiration and the best ideas come when you are away from your work and on the yoga mat!
  • Reading 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman on how to Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done.

Lisa Buyer is speaking at the 2011 PubCon Conference in Las Vegas on the following panels:

Twitter & Social Media from the PR Experts

How Businesses Can Use Pr Campaigns to Grow Traffic

For the full interview with Lisa Buyer on WomensRadio listen here.


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