Women and Facebook: The Good, the Bad and the Chatty


Looks like women have ‘frenemies’ on Facebook, as in life. A study released by daily deals company Eversave (and chronicled by Mashable) reveals startling data about women’s attitudes toward their Facebook friends.

A surprising 84 percent of women surveyed admitted to being annoyed by their Facebook friends at one time or another. Prior to the survey’s release, Cosmopolitan Magazine posted a blog poking fun at overzealous female Facebookers and released a YouTube video paying tribute to various Facebook archetypes. Now it appears these satires may actually ring true to many women.

Among the worst offenses? Complaining, oversharing and bragging.

Avoid being a Facebook annoyance by honoring offline ideals such as respect, discretion and honesty. If all else fails, as television character Stewie Griffin tweeted, “Tell a therapist, not Facebook.”


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