Winning #PR Reasons to Read #ReFrame by @PRSarahevans


If you can wait until tomorrow to give up, I bet you won’t…Everything I read by Sarah Evans I love; her tweets, Instagrams, Sarah’s Faves,  #Commentz and email all come packed with a ray of sunshine within. So why wouldn’t I love her book ReFrame?

One chapter closes, another begins.

When I met Sarah five years ago (on Twitter);  I was negotiating a divorce, entering life as a single mom, starting a new relationship, maneuvering through a client  shake up and friendship break up all while running my Social PR agency. It was also a time when public relations was making a shift, big changes were happening at at time of PR  industry’s shake ups and break ups as search engines and social networks exploded into the marketing scene.

Social PR Tip: Work like you are not afraid of getting fired #ReFrame

Sarah, aka @prsarahevans following is strong and for good reason – she is a born natural at likeability. Making headlines in Vanity Fair and Forbes for her Twitter action including birthing the popular weekly Twitter #journchat and hit one of life’s greatest milestones last year becoming a Mommy. Yet she never skips a tweet on sharing her latests PR finds and Mommy moments. Earlier this year I met up with Sarah at Mashable’s #Mashcon where she announced the news of her joining social collaboration darling @Tracky as Chief Evangelist.

Social PR Tip: Know when something is good enough #ReFrame

This month Sarah birthed her first book and added author to her accomplishments. She released [RE]FRAME: Little Inspirations For A Larger Purpose, with the newly launched publisher SlimBooks (@SlimBooks). Why SlimBooks? Because they said, “No!” to overweight books.

Social PR Tip:
If you never follow through on your idea, that’s all it will ever be. #Reframe

Because it’s more fun to win than buy
To promote the launch [RE]FRAME, Sarah  hosts a giveaway using Rafflecopter as the platform. We chatted  about her Social PR strategy behind  her iPhone giveaway.

You used as your promotion for your awesome book giveaway – tell us what you love about this tool?

I love Rafflecopter because it takes the work out of running a giveaway. If you have to manually check to see whether or not someone liked your Facebook page or sent a tweet, it’s a huge time commitment. And it’s an ineffective use of time at that. Rafflecopter does the work for you.

Tell us more….

What’s even cooler is that you can create a widget anyone could post on their blog. So if you’re giving away something big, you can allow others to post it as if it was their giveaway, too. It’s a win for everyone.

Any Social PR Tips when hosting a giveaway? Why the iPhone 5?


Select a prize people really want or are actively talking about. I selected the iPhone 5 and announced the giveaway the same time Apple announced it.

  • Two weeks sounds like a long time, but it’s the most effective time frame to maximize participation
  • Create a social visual pitch of your giveaway and share it via Pinterest, Instagram, etc…

I like it how you tied in your brand centric ways to gain points. So you are rewarding the ones that are the most qualified ReFrame brand matches to the promotion strategy versus just getting random people who are entering just to win the iPhone and don’t care about your book or brand.

Do you also collect people’s name to build your database?

I don’t collect names that come in through Rafflecopter. What I’ve done in the past is to create a social task that requires people to sign up for my daily e-newsletter Commentz. I’d rather have them opt-in than auto-add them to something they don’t want.

Want to buy a copy of [RE]FRAME: ? Order your hard copy or soft copy here

Want to win her book? Time is running out, but if you missed the giveaway, make the $4.95 investment.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to meet up with Sarah in person? Join Sarah Evans and Lisa Buyer with Jay Berkowitz and Kate Buck as moderator at PubCon for the session Twitter and Social Media from the PR Experts on October 16th. Tweet you there.


  1. I just tweeted Work like you are not afraid of getting fired #ReFrame

    I love it, my first boss taught me that you come to work every day willing to be fired. Then, you never have to worry about giving up your integrity because of what get’s rewarded. People often say to me, but that behavior doesn’t get rewarded here! I reply, “You are not Shamu, jumping out of the water for a fish. You can stand apart from the reward and say, ‘No Thanks’, if it causes you to compromise your integrity”.


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