Why Social Public Relations Writers Need to Care About Rank


The name, face, rank and influence score behind content creators – that means social public relations pros, blog writers and social media managers has never been more important.

Launching this month, ClearVoice, a no-cost content platform built to showcase content authority, has developed a scoring tool based on authorship power. The tool weighs credentials such as the author’s posting frequency, the posts’ quality, the relevance of the domains that carry the posts, and each article’s social relevance.

It’s the Klout of content power. Where Klout measures social relevance, ClearVoice measures the content power of specific authors and social influence is just one of the ingredients of the overall ClearVoice algorithm.

ClearVoice Authorship Lisa Buyer

The Authorship Story

The advantages of Google Authorship are no social PR secret, or are they? Advancements in authorship allows Google to focus on actual content creators opposed to faceless business entities. This is an all-around win for Google, content creators and readers because contextually relevant content will be displayed, authors that were once hidden are now highly visible, and people who enjoy reading content created by real authors can do so.

Improve Authorship or Bust

Now that the content marketing cat is out of the bag, everyone and their mothers are rolling out content and taking up precious top 10 search results. The best way to earn back these coveted spots are to improve your authorship ranking because Google will be rewarding high-quality authors in lieu of lower-quality ones to weed out spam and companies that buy from content farms.

Therefore, content creators who go beyond Google rankings to improve their overall authorship will be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest updates.

Some companies have developed author ranking tools that can do that. A tool called Authorrank, sums up the diversity of sites on which the author appears, volume, link value and a few other items but you’ll need to take it a step further to harness your online publishing power.

The ClearVoice platform let’s you do just that. Powered by the ClearVoice Search tool, the site enables users to search the comprehensive author index, which includes thorough author profiles, and identify top voices by topic.

Social PR Secret: Writers, journalists and bloggers: Go claim your ClearVoice profile to leverage your authorship and social reach and promote your overall content influence.

How Does ClearVoice Work?

Search: A comprehensive index of more than 80,000 author profiles, which includes a comprehensive body of their works, aggregate social shares of their content, topic analysis, and more. Users can search by author, topic and publication. ClearVoice indexes content in near real-time from all publications, but only content digitally signed with Google Authorship, Schema, or a Twitter Card is considered in the ClearVoice Score.

Score: The score, based on a value of 1 to 100, provides an objective measure of the world’s online writers and gauges their authority. It’s calculated by a proprietary algorithm that comes from an index the top 80,000 sites on the web, 90,000+ content creators, and 21,000,000+ posts.

Profile: Authenticated authors can claim, access, and update their profile, which showcases recently articles written, social interaction of content, biographical information, and subject matter expertise.

Coming Soon: The ClearVoice platform will also feature a content assignment desk and a unique set of publisher tools that will help brands, publishers, and content producers manage their editorial calendar, content assignments, and publishing. Learn more about what to expect in later launches in their full media kit.

Social PR authors, content creators and brands, get ready to keep score and win the content game!



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