What’s Your True Social Media Dharma?

social media dharma

Social media is more than going through the motions of a like, share, find, schedule, and publish.

In order to be successful in social media, a brand must understand its true purpose and intention. If you practice yoga, you might have heard the word dharma. The dharma concept is described in the ancient Hindu holy book, Bhagavad Gita, and it points to the meaning of one’s place in the universe.

How does your brand’s social media actions match up to its business dharma, it’s mission and vision? Is your social media messaging following your brand’s intended path? Here is a checklist to align your brand’s purpose, passion, and social media messaging.

The Social Dharma-lution Checklist

Have a company mantra and follow it.

The word mantra comes from a Sanskrit word and it means sacred message, spell, or charm. In yoga we use mantra through sound vibrations to create positivity and mindfulness. Guy Kawasaki’s mantra is “I empower people.” And yes he does.

For business, a mantra is basically a boiled-down, very succinct mission statement. Forget all the fluff. Zoom in on three-to-five words that synthesize and power up the spirit of your brand.

Apple’s is “Think Different.” Fedex uses “Peace of Mind.” What is yours?

Match your culture and passion

When I was asked to help find a social media manager for Yovada, a yoga and wellness travel booking website, it was a requirement that the person be a passionate yoga practitioner or even a yoga teacher. Why? To be relatable to the audience. Like any industry, yoga has its own lingo and unique specifics. Someone could be a social media rockstar but if not a true yogi, the chances for success are slim to none. When looking for a job or talent, the culture and passion need to be a match for best social media karma.

“Being immersed in something you love and finding a passion is something to be grateful for in general, but then getting to combine that passion with a job, is truly life changing. I eat, sleep and breathe yoga, wellness and travel and I couldn’t be more happy working for a company with a culture and mantra that matches my life purpose,” said Danielle Radulski, social media manager at Yovada.com.

Have a social media playbook

Oh the Places You’ll Go is a classic book by Dr. Seuss. It’s a popular graduation gift because the adventure is unknown and you are charged to find your way. This does not apply to today’s social media plans with the risk versus reward. We can’t expect our team to “see how it goes” and learn along the way. Each venture is a lesson. In social media we need a “playbook” to guide us in some of the scenarios that will take us to the places we’ll go in social media. A compass that says, if this happens, turn this way and ask this person, so we can do the right thing in the places we’ll go. Because where you go, your brand is also going. Do you have a social media playbook?

Know your persona and voice

Don’t we all wish we had Adam Levine or Gwen Stefani to guide us in creating the perfect social media voice. The tone, pitch, and presence our audience will fall in love with and swoon the attention of all the fans. The personality that leads to viral stardom that puts you on the map. Find your voice and let the results roll in.

Capture inspiration whenever possible

When something is inspiring you give it your all. Your daily life can’t live in the box of boredom. The fast buck and latest buzzword are usually short-lived and tend to crash and burn. Finding your social media inspiration makes your job feel like your purpose is a fulfilling prophesy. If you love what you do, it will come naturally to also inspire others. Love what you do and the wealth will follow says Anthony Robbins. Find outside sources of inspiration. This can be visiting a museum, reading a book, relaxing at the pool, or just closing your eyes for 5 minutes and do nothing.

Tap into and encourage creativity

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Dare to be different. Break some rules. Look ahead to see what’s next. If you are doing what everyone else is doing you will not stand out. NO! hahah I would say “Look at how Snapchat sold their first product, Spectacles. They didn’t just sell it on their website, they used the old “supply and demand” and they did in a vending machine bot to spark the love. Snapchat Spectacles sales idea not only won but it defined creativity at it’s best.

Or more traditional…Look at Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl. The creativity and planning behind that performance made Super Bowl halftime history. It was not the cookie cutter same old same old. No need for wardrobe malfunctions.

Stay on task

To be coached or to be the coach. Either way, this offers a path to consistency. It’s not what we do every once in awhile that shapes and controls our social media success, it’s what we do consistently. Put a crown on it, consistency is king.

Show compassion

If you’re social media messaging is a one-way dialogue, your audience will stop listening. The reason why we jump straight to Twitter when there is a problem with a flight or issue with a product is because we are looking for some immediate compassion. A little TLC from the brand. Brands that exhibit the powers of listening, the ones who actually take the time and respond in a caring and meaningful way, will win over the competition. These brands build the army of loyalists, the ones who will protect and serve in times of need.

Give back

The best time to start giving is now, on the daily. It’s a misconception that you must wait until you have enough money to give something or wait until you are Apple, Facebook or Microsoft to start giving back to the community. If you have graduated from college and are looking for a job, offer to work for free, volunteer your time, do free favors just because. Not only will it feel good, you will be remembered and the dividends will pay off. Small businesses or brands looking to make a name for themselves will find that giving something is the best form of marketing and goodwill (karma!) with the biggest payoff. Not to say you want to be taken advantage of. Anthony Robbins says, “giving is living.”

“I gave when I didn’t have anything, and it became natural for me,” he said on the podcast. “People say, ‘When I’m rich, I’ll give.’ They’re lying. If you don’t give a dime out of a dollar, there’s no way you’re going to give a 100 million out of a billion. But if you can do it today, the biggest thing that giving does, is it teaches your brain there’s more than enough.”

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Image Source: Danielle Radulski and Truth & Love Photograph