What’s a Social Media Strategy for Tragedy? #Blab with @CathyHackl + @LisaBuyer


Social PR Strategy for Tragedy on Blab with Lisa Buyer and Cathy Hackl
Are brands becoming  immune to the death, destruction and tragedy happening in the social media newsfeed? It’s one thing to newsjack a story to tie in relevance with your organization, but what about when the trending hashtag #JeSuisBrussels floods the newsfeeds after a terror attack? Where do we draw the line between creating authentic tributes and pushing the #PR envelope with sensationalized self promotion at the expense of someone else’s heartache?

Join the live conversation on Blab with Lisa Buyer and Cathy Hackl as they discuss the who, what, where, when, and why of social media strategy for tragedy do’s, don’t and maybes.

What: The Digital Dish on Social Media Strategy for Tragedy

When: Thursday, March 31 @12 pm ET

Lisa and Cathy dish out on this social media topic through a public relations lens splashed with a journalistic approach.

Is it worth it to keep the social media messages flowing during a global, national, or local crisis?

Who’s in charge of pulling the plug on promoted posts?

Can a brand be too personal?

Digital marketer extraordinaire Jay Baer recently covered this topic in a blog post titled, The 3 Social Media Rules for Death and Tragedy. But it’s worth reminding our social media selves:

Dear Self: The “rules” of social media are a slippery slope and what works for one brand is not one size fits all.

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