Vocus Acquires HARO: The World of PR is Changing and Never Coming Back

Peter Shankman started HARO (Help A Reporter Out) in 2007 with a Facebook Group and two overweight cats, he explained in a blog announcing the sale of his wildly popular PR service to Vocus Inc.

HARO, a free service matured through a deft use of social media, connects journalists on deadline with public relations professionals and small business owners with stories to share.

The Buyer Group has been a HARO subscriber since the service’s beginning on Facebook, embracing the development of a social connection between PR and journalism and implementing this connection into our public relations strategies.

As Shankman explains in the video below, HARO will remain a free service and subscribers will continue to receive “the most helpful media inquiries in the world” three times a day, straight to your inbox.

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” target=”_blank”>Major HARO News from 33″ target=”_blank”>Peter Shankman on Vimeo.

“Peter is a visionary that helped close the gap between PR and Journalists,” said Lisa Buyer, president and CEO of The Buyer Group. “We are excited to see how this transition continues to develop and shape media interaction and relationships.”

Vocus, a PR software development company, is expected to use its resources to improve HARO’s infrastructure, expand the service to more users and even to international markets.

Bill Wagner, Vocus CMO, described the acquisition as being “in line with where social media is taking public relations – the old world of PR is changing and it’s not coming back,” according to a Mashable report.

Technorati blogger Don Martelli described the impact social media had on this acquisition: ” With the popularity of HARO being built via social media, it has a great test case for those online services that are looking for high adoption and quickly. The social aspect of the service simply made it accessible to everyone — agency types, client side execs, non-profits and the like.”