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Social PR Chat caught up with the queen bee of visual storytelling: Ekaterina Walter! Who better to paint the image of how to use visuals, videos and social media to market your brand, than the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Think Like Zuck, and the women who has led marketing and strategic innovation for huge Fortune 500 companies such as; Intel and Accenture. She didn’t stop there, Ekaterina then went on to co-fund a startup named Branderati that was purchased by Sprinklr!

To complete her awesome list of accomplishments, she was named 2013 Marketer of the Year honor (SoMe Awards) and ranked #3 on The Forbes 2014 World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent and is a published author with her most recent book The Power of Visual Storytelling. She’s one of our favorite wonder women in the social media marketing industry and the perfect person to tell us all the tips and tricks for visual storytelling in 2016 right? Read on.

Why The Image May Outweigh The Words

“We started drawing before we started talking.” – Ekaterina

ekaterina quoteOne of our first questions for Ekaterina was why exactly is visual storytelling such a powerhouse in the social media hemisphere? She quickly stated how our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. Now specifically with the whole digital revolution and the amount of data created, images are now critical for content branding.

According to Ekaterina, Google says that every 48 hours we are now cranking out the same amount of information from the beginning of time until 2003!

There are different ways our brain filters the massive amount of information we see on a daily basis, and one of the most memorable to our brain is imagery. It’s important to factor in that the average human attention span nowadays is three-eight seconds. This means colorful pictures, bold text, and photographs serve to capture your audience’s attention in a way text may not!

“Not only do you need to grab there attention, you need to be able to tell them the story,” Ekaterina explains as she shares some of her most coveted social media marketing and storytelling tips.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Visual Storytelling

“Excellence is an attitude. Determination is an attitude. Success is an attitude.” @ekaterina

You know how much we love our lists here, and the visual storytelling “Do’s and Don’t’s” list is one of our favorite’s so far for this year. Ekaterina made sure that by the end of reading these tactical tips, you will be ready to create your own visual storytelling masterpiece!

The Visual Storytelling Do’s

    • Use Images ALL THE TIME. With so many different formats and images such as gifs, jpeg/png, video and infographics, you shouldn’t be afraid to use images! Just make sure that you are using it often, but switching up what kind of visual you use is crucial!

    • Stay True To You. No matter what format or visual you use, the way you use visuals must be consistent with who you are and what you want to communicate. Ekaterina advice is: every time you put out a piece of content you should think, “what is the visual extension of this?” An example, if you are going to write an ebook, besides visual images for the ebook you should automatically think, “what additional images can I create with stats, video, or quotes?” Get visually creative!

  • Engage Your Community! One of the best tips we took from our interview with Ekaterina was that responding to your audience with images or videos is an underrated and not well known way to respond to your followers! It will make you stand out and give you an edge over the competition! An example of this can be if a customer is asking how to use a specific product, try sending them a tutorial video instead of trying to type out the instructions.

Social PR Secret: “Walk the talk. You need to know it,  you need to do it.” – Ekaterina

The Visual Storytelling Don’t’s

  • Don’t Go Out and Look for the Story. This is one of the best and empowering pieces of advice from Ekaterina. Realize that YOU ARE THE STORY. No matter how “boring” you think your product or company is. There is no excuse! Every product no matter how boring has a customer. From Ekaterina mouth, “if Charmin can make toilet paper sexy, you can make your product sexy.”
  • Create Visuals that Don’t Relate. You want your audience to recognize and associate visuals with your brand. That means even though you may use different visual formats, you should have consistency such as a design element that stays consistent across those visuals.
  • No Creative? No Excuse. Use your resources and tap into your employees and even your customers. Customers often create content through media that you can reuse for your brand. For example GoPro will often tap into the power of user generated images to authenticate and accentuate the brand experience.
    Social PR Secret: From a visual standpoint, don’t try to be perfect. “Fix it, or it didn’t happen.” – Ekaterina 

5 Must Have Visual Tools to Rule

        • Canva: Create amazing designs, simply with Canva’s suite of features.

        • Haiku Deck: Embed and save your slides from presentations from Haiku deck as a video!

        • Make Web Video: is an explainer video that is cheap and easy tools to get your message across, simply!

        • Features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects.

        • WordSwag: Add text to your photos in seconds via mobile.

Want the complete list? Check out the top 10 of visual tools article.

Your world would not be complete unless you watched our interview with the inspiring Ekaterina!  Also, make sure to follow @Ekaterina on Twitter for amazing visual content, social media business tips and noteworthy inspirational quotes!

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Image Source: Ekaterina
Reported by: Sydney Thompson


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