Visual Social Media Expert @KristaNeher Shares How #VSMM Drives More Traffic [Webinar]


Heard it through the Social Vine? Did you know now you can embed Vine videos into practically anything, including blog posts!

Social Media Expert Krista Neher shares the inside track on how businesses get  visual mojo.
Social Media Expert Krista Neher shares the inside track on how businesses get visual mojo.

Yet another way of visual storytelling.  Things are getting Va-va-voom Visual.

But where is the business roadmap to visual?

CEO of Boot Camp Digital Krista Neher kicks off a new training program based on her latest book Visual Social Media Marketing. She is the author of the bestseller Social Media Field Guide and the co-author of Social Media: A Strategic Approach, which is one of the first textbooks on social media marketing.

Meet up with Krista Neher online and learn how to get visual!

What: Visual Social Media Marketing

When: April 9th, 2013

Online Training Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (EST)

Investment: $27 for either class

*if you want the online training but can’t make the time, it will still be available on-demand as a recording afterwards

Register and get more information at

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What is visual social media marketing? #VSMM

  • What kind of content you should be posting online.

  • How to come up with the right images and content for your brand to share.

  • Case studies of companies that have had success using visual social media marketing.

  • How to take advantage of visually-focused sites like Pinterest and Instagram

  • How to focus your strategy on visual content on networks like Facebook and Twitter

  • What kind of visual content you should include on your website and why

Make sure to register today, the online training price of $27 is for a limited time only!

Visual Social Media Online Training with Krista Neher
Visual Social Media Online Training with Krista Neher

Social PR Stats: Images are now the most clicked content on Twitter, and visual content on Facebook gets 50% more interaction vs other content. The web is now highly visual, and if you don’t adapt you’re going to miss out on thousands of opportunities for your business.

Businesses today aren’t being heard on social media because they’re not adapting to the newest trend in social media – Visual Social Media Marketing (#VSMM).

Social #PR Tip “The key for businesses is to create a visual social media marketing action plan, and  I’ll show how to do that. We’ll cover how to create website content and social content as well as the hottest new social networks: Instagram, Pinterest, and infographics,” Neher notes.

Read more about Krista’s social media savvy credentials,  follow her on Twitter or better yet…order her latest book Visual Social Media Marketing. 

Go Va-va-va Voom with Visual.



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