30+ Amazing Video Insights to Get Brand Exposure and Reach on Social Media [Infographic]


state of video marketingHow can you survive social media without video insights?

Racking up more than 2 billions daily active users, Facebook is a force that’s hard to ignore – especially for brands. Obviously, Facebook is not the only social media platform where you can get brand exposure and reach. There are also YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a plethora of smaller platforms that are yet to make their break into the mainstream.

The reasons why social media platforms are getting more and more traction every day is because they comply with what people demand these days: video content.

LinkedIn, the least casual of a social media among all, committed to applying video feature in 2017. That means companies can now upload their brand-building content like explainer videos, testimonials, and video campaigns into the more business-friendly environment of LinkedIn.

As a brand, what can you do to leverage video content to get more brand exposure and reach? In collaboration with Breadnbeyond, SocialPRChat curated these tips for you.

Start Going Live on Your Favorite Platform

Whatever major platform you are using, there’s a chance you can go live there. Eighty two percent of consumers who were surveyed for one recent study said they favor live video over other types of social posts.

This is because live content offers more exclusivity and urgency that pre-uploaded content can’t .It’s also better for your brand because in any type of live streaming, the engagement is real-time, which means:

You can prove your expertise real-time when viewers ask questions.
The engagement is real; there’s no spam bot or other shady activities.
Building more personal relationship with existing audience is much easier with the help of face-to-face (sort of) interface.

You don’t have to worry about buying expensive live streaming setup – all you need is a smartphone and internet connection.

Post Less with Better Quality, Post More Stories

With Facebook taking over Instagram and WhatsApp as well as the existing popularity of SnapChat self-destructing update videos are getting more familiar in our daily activities.
Assuming your brand is present in any of the platform above, you should consider spacing out your regular post and make more little updates with Instagram/Facebook stories or Snaps (depending on which platform you’re in).
Temporary video content has narrower reach, but a much greater urgency—resulting in better engagement rates. Engagement is much more important than reach.

Breadnbeyond has curated 30+ more video insights on how to leverage videos to help you get better social media publication and organic reach in this infographic below.


The State of Video Marketing in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of: Breadnbeyond


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