Twitter Mania: The Buyer Group Gives Two and a Half Cents to Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen Twitter RampageIn just 48 hours, Charlie has attracted 1.1 million followers.

Social PR nightmare. Social media monster. Twitter taunter. That is how The Buyer Group describes Charlie Sheen. Who can sign up on Twitter millions of followers in two days besides someone so controversial with a sad yet entertaining drama unfolding.

Manic is a good word to describe Sheen’s recent antics. With the back-to-back shocking and rambling interview which feels like every 3 minutes on TMZ and 20/20, Charlie Sheen has created an online PR monster for Mr. “Tiger Blood” himself.  If Twitter is his social media platform, then try one of these easy-to-use Social PR tips to begin the end of this social media nightmare.

Tweets from Charlie Sheen Followers

Here’s Help Charlie! Hopefully, not with the help of the Charlie’s Angels, oops I mean Goddesses.

7 Ways Charlie Sheen Can Use Twitter to Stay Clean and Sober


1.     Create an ad on Twitter through a Promoted Tweet or a Promoted Trend talking about your route to a drug free life.

2.     Optimize your bio with keywords like “Just say no to drugs!” PTA father, Soccer Dad.  Explain your story.

3.     If you call out celebrities like P Diddy and Natasha Leggero, don’t talk about going out and partying. Make friends with Betty Ford, as in the Clinic.

4.     While on Twitpic upload photos of you working in the yard or playing with your kids – don’t add hot dogs, drinks and Goddesses.

5.    You just got drug tested by the world. This isn’t a time to ask for a million dollar raise publicly, it’s time to extend a million apologies. Easily accomplished by creating a Twitter list to send out as a bulk. Although personal apologies would help in your case.

6.   If you go the personal apology route: RT and @ reply to people who don’t understand your pain and agony. You can do this by going to and replying to each person who has an opinion. Maybe your goddesses can help with that? While you are starting a conversation, try and create relationships to get people to sympathize and accept your recent troubles. Hugh Hefner and the playmates might want to help.

7.   You can use the “Wild Thing” character from that Cleveland Indians movie you made, Major League. And start branding around that since #Charliedog, you are out of control.

Dearest Charlie: you have turned into The Buyer Group’s version of Two and Half Cents. Two and a Half Men is now history. The past is history, the future is a mystery and today is a gift. Treat it like that and get help.


  1. Dearest Charlie:
    May or may not be winning in real life”? THE is now history.The past is history, the future is a mystery and today is a gift. With tiger blood and Adonis DNA, one can only be a WINNER! Treat it like that and get help.i want to help you.


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