Twitter and Social Media from the PR Experts at PubCon 2010: Part Two


Here is the second part of my two-part recap of the Twitter and Social Media from the PR Experts session I was a part of at PubCon Las Vegas. If you missed the first summary, read about what PR Newswire’s Victoria Harres and Sevans Strategy’s Sarah Evans had to say. Enjoy!

Lisa Buyer Talks Online PR at PubCon

Sean Jackson @seanthinks: Analyzing the Experts

Sean’s presentation revolved around statistics of successful Twitter users. According to Sean, users like @Mashable tweet mostly original content and very little @replies and retweets (3% @replies and 1% RTs.) “Content matters,” Sean says.A steady stream of Twitter content is more important than follower interaction via @ replies.” Sean contends that the quantity of tweets is not critical, as long as it’s not too few. He also debunks the commonly held theory that Twitter follower growth is not correlated to “following” others.

Lisa Buyer @lisabuyer: Tweeting for PR

I spoke about using Twitter for PR and optimizing 140-character press releases. To increase online visibility, here at The Buyer Group we integrate Twitter into our clients’ overall PR content strategy, with a monthly theme, weekly press releases and frequent blog posts. These press releases and blog posts can be broken down into small factoids, and link back to your online newsroom (you do have one, right?) For easy retweeting, the PR tweet should ideally be 120 characters or less. These 120-character tweets should be posted four to five times a day, always driving traffic back to the website by via links. For best results, optimize the tweet with keywords that can be picked up by search engines such as Google and Bing.

As Victoria Harres had mentioned earlier in the session, Twitter is also a great tool to follow, RT and interact with the media. Don’t forget to #FF!

For more online PR info, check out this interview I did at target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>PubCon with Web Pro News.

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