Tweeting for Social PR: Ten Tips


Time Magazine predicted that Twitter would permanently change business, and it has!
While there’s no doubt that Twitter has changed the way individuals and companies communicate, what are tweeting super star brands like Starbucks and Southwest Airlines doing that works so well?

Top 10 Twitter Tips for PR

1. Spread the news in tweets and links: Since 69 percent of journalists polled in a recent survey admitted to using Twitter as a reporting tool, it is a best practice to tweet and link back to your company’s blog or newsroom.

2. Build Influence: Measure and track your overall online influence with websites like Klout or They will let you know your level of online popularity and ranking as a thought leader.

3. Interact with the media on Twitter: While email remains the most popular way to reach out to journalists according to the aforementioned study, many don’t mind or even prefer being contacted on Twitter, pointing out that a 140-character pitch often beats the lengthy, impersonal blast that immediately gets the “delete” button. Avoid being spammy by asking media you already have a rapport which they prefer.

4. Build branding and awareness: A branded Twitter page is an excellent way to direct traffic to your company website. @Pfizer_news, for example, links to its newsroom in its optimized Twitter bio and background.

5. Thought leadership: No one likes the guy at the party who only talks about himself, right? Offering your followers quality reading material, with your company’s take on it is a great way to position your brand as a thought leader in its industry.

6. Promote events, location, sales: If you’re a local business, Twitter is an easy way to tell your followers about sales and promotions going on. This is also an easy way to measure the ROI of your social media efforts – offer a deal exclusive to your Twitter followers.

7. Public opinion with instant feedback: Want to test the waters with a new product or idea? Your social media-savvy market is all too happy to tweet you their thoughts. Posing “this or that” type questions is also a valuable way to conduct market research.

8. Find talent: Look out Monster and Indeed – searching for a job has gone social. Qualified applicants are turning to Twitter to conduct company research and yes, scout for job openings. Large companies have embraced this idea, some even creating specific handles for job seekers.

9. Cross Promote Twitter with Facebook and YouTube: Tweet about your latest Facebook Post, ask for a Like or let the Twitterverse know about your latest video on YouTube. Again, do this in a way that demonstrates your value to your audience.

10. Search visibility: Last but not least, keyword-rich tweets are indexed in search results alongside news pages, blogs and photos. Combine this with the unstoppable force of social search and suddenly, if Tweets don’t appear in Google searches for your company, a piece of the Social PR pie is missing.

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