Tweeting Dr. Wigoda Featured in South Florida Business Journal


Tweeting doctors boost exposure and uncover their market
South Florida Business Journal – by Jeff Zbar

Paul Wigoda tweets a few times a week. It may be about breast augmentation, statistics on pectoral implants or the difference between “smart” and traditional liposuction.

To date, some 122 Twitter users are “following” the doctor. He hopes he’s reaching a new audience with every tweet.

“This is just one more way to speak to patients and potential patients,” said Wigoda, who practices plastic surgery in Fort Lauderdale. “It’s a quick way to interact with them.”

As a physician whose practice is 10 years old, Wigoda isn’t alone – or even a pioneer – in using Twitter to promote his business. In February, surgeons in Detroit tweeted live from the operating room during a cancer procedure. Across the social media landscape, more physicians – and other professionals, like attorneys and accountants – are using Twitter to reach their target market and establish their expertise.

The “Twitter-verse” is the new social and commerce marketplace, even for professional service providers like physicians, said Marvin Dejean, CEO of Markcom Industries, a Coral Springs interactive marketing agency. While some physicians, attorneys or accountants historically have shied from marketing and advertising, social media outreach for many no longer can be ignored, he said.

“This universe is becoming larger and larger. It’s becoming the marketplace touching every commerce and consumer point you can think of,” he said. “Online is the next marketplace, and social media plays a tremendous role in that.”

Wigoda works with a local interactive marketing firm to write three or four tweets each week, which the firm then posts to his site. Tweeting a few months now, Wigoda often will write a blog post – maybe on a procedure or a special offer – then tweet about it, he said. Whether Twitter is driving new business or new leads are coming from his Web site or blog, Wigoda cannot say. But, he believes he cannot ignore that marketplace.

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