[Training] Google+ Social PR Secrets to Credibility and Publicity


It’s no Social PR secret:  Google favors its Google+ pages in search engine results.  A Google+ page will show up more frequently and higher up in search results.

Sigh…does this sound familiar?

One more Social PR year has passed and you’re brand or client is still not Google+ savvy.

Even if the only justification you can make is that your competitors are also Google+ slackers; now is the time to get to the social PR gym because you just can’t afford to miss out on another Google+ year. And if you need help, then call in the social media training experts to coach, cheer and lead you to the goal: Google+ ROI.

Imagine going another year without the benefits of being able to:

  • Publish your own digital magazine-like publication hosted for free by the world’s largest search engine.

  • Tap into 540 million users including your very own customers and prospects

  • Establish influential authorship for your brand backed and recognized by Google

  • Easily engage and interact with your potential customers in an editorial fashion

  • Create an online following within the Google network, a subscriber-like base of followers who don’t just like you, they circle you!

  • Show up on the right sidebar of search results with your brand’s most recent news and visual. (My personal Social PR favorite)

  • Drive high quality visitors to your website or blog

  • Share videos, images and news content within the Google community and even give shout outs via tags and optimize your content using hashtags to attach your news to trending news.

Social PR Tip: Create a circle for each of your media lists and post company  news to the media only as a pre-release! First: Use your media list and follow all of the writers with your brand’s Google+ Page and also your personal Google+ account.  Then: Make a circle for the different types of media: industry media, business media freelance writers, etc.

“At the end of the day, if you ignore Google+, there’s a good chance Google Search will ignore you,” reminds Krista Neher, social media trainer and CEO of Bootcamp Digital.

If your business needs a social media trainer to get you started, check-in to Bootcamp Digital’s  Google+ 101 Online Training to get started. Follow @bootcampdigital for more social media training news both online and off.

Want to learn more actionable tips and how-tos on getting more publicity in mobile and social news streams? Check out Lisa Buyers new book Social PR Secrets.


Image Credit: Boot*Camp Digital 


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