Tracky Hosts First Virtual #Hackathon for #SEO, Marketing, PR and Journalism Pros #CommHacks


#CommHack by TrackyHave you made your Social PR or SEO life easier with a #workhack? Sarah Evans and Tracky want to know and the result….get published in an e-book, win an iPad mini or some other cool perk.

Maybe you figured out a way to mobilize your team of writers stringing together a few pieces of technology. Or maybe you are using Tracky to organize your non-techie PTA group. 

Sarah Evans and the Tracky team just launched the first virtual hackathon for communications professionals–#CommHacks. If you work in the PR, marketing, journalism or content space, you are eligible to participate and you don’t need formal training as a developer.

You can submit #workhacks for one, or more, of these

“Areas of Need:”

  1. News

  2. Community relations

  3. Government relations

  4. Media relations

  5. Content marketing

  6. Editorial calendars

  7. Monitoring

  8. SEO

  9. Social networks

  10. Overall communications (e.g. internal, email)

  11. Wild card

What in the World is a Hackathon?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the evolutionary party called the Hackathon famous by inviting techies to spend an all-nighter developing new products or cracking codes to better user experiences. Hackathons are typically associated with computer developers or those with a deep knowledge of software.

#CommHacks is Similar But Different. #CommHacks encourages virtual collaboration to improve the entire communications industry. If someone created something from scratch, hacked together two or more tools or used an API to create something new, then you’re eligible to submit an entry.   

Tracky official #workhackers
Tracky official #workhackers

The Communications Hackathon (#CommHacks) plays off of this, but encourages virtual collaboration to improve the communications industry (and, of course, there are prizes for top honors).

Partners and sponsor include Sincerely, Inc. (Postagram), Casetagram and Pitchengine offering a wide range of prizes to five winners. Top prize receives an iPad Mini along with other perks. All of the best #workhacks will be packaged together in a free e-book following the end of the hackathon. 

SocialPR Tip: Winners get featured in a Communications #WorkHacks e-book published by Tracky! That’s good PR

The #workhacks submitted will be judged by:

  • Originality: How original is this solution compared to other products and platforms already available? The submission should provide a unique approach to solving the problem.

  • Usefulness: Does the application allow individuals to access useful and relevant information?

  • Impact: What is the potential for the submission to drive immediate real world impact?

  • Functionality: Working functionality of the application.

  • Design / User Experience: How intuitive is use of the Solution? Accessibility: How accessible is your #workhack?

If you have any questions about #CommHacks, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you are looking to learn more about how to get more publicity using social media and SEO, sign up to learn about my book:  Social PR Secrets.


  1. Thanks for this great overview about #CommHacks, Lisa. Can’t wait to see if you submit something…I always learn so much from you. 🙂


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