Top 10 #PR Reasons to get #SocialMedia Certification


Being in the public relations world without being social media proficient is almost like driving without a license.

Get Your Social Media License to Drive
Get Your Social Media License to Drive

I suggest get the ticket to social media certification before driving in the Social PR fast lane. Need a reason? How abou 10 #PR Reasons to get certified by Instant eTraining.

1. Credibility – If you are in social media, yo know you are swimming with many so-called social media “gurus”. This will set you apart!
2. Knowledge – The saying knowledge is power, this 8-week program gives you the opportunity to digest each strategy session and give you time to prepare for the next.
3. Confidence – If knowledge is power, a certification gives you the confidence to be an authority on a subject like social media.

4. Credentials – Your LinkedIn profiel or resume can only be boosted with a social media certification.
5. Networking – 19 social media experts are your personal “go to” sources over an 8-week period. Now you can get to know an author, panelist or blogger.

6. Mentoring – Sharing the knowledge is one of my favorite parts about being an instructor and speaker. This interactive online course gives you more hands on time to learn.

7. Trusted Sources – Not quite IRL (in real life) but the next best thing to knowing  the source of the information and an opportunity to ask questions and verify.

8. Content – The most up to date content is shared in the Instant Training WebConference and Social Media Certification.



9. Socialize – The instructors want to get to know you too, this is a perfect opportunity to socialize with the influencers.
10. Optimize – Social media is great, but it’s not awesome unless it is optimized. This is where you get the SEO influence from some of the most respected names in search and social media marketing.

Ready to sign up for social media certification or just the web conference? Join me.

Lisa Buyer Shares The PR Way to Social Media for Business
Lisa Buyer Shares The PR Way to Social Media for Business with 19 Social Media Experts

Or read on….

Success in business today requires a diverse skill set that includes being able to market effectively online. Now you can add a certified social media marketing program  to your resume by participating in the certification track at the Social Media for Business web conference hosted by Instant eTraining. In addition to learning powerful strategies for becoming a social media leader and attracting more customers to you, I’ll be providing personalized mentoring to help you become an expert in the field of Social Media and weave in the PR best practices.

The Social Media Certification tract includes a hands-on social media project, weekly assignments, weekly mentoring calls, and a final dissertation. After completion, you will graduate with a certificate in social media that will boost your credibility in your industry and with potential employers.

The training is completely flexible. You can participate in the web conference live or you can watch the videos when it is convenient for you. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of the training even if you are not able to sign up for the web conference until Monday.

Even if you decide not to get certified, the Social Media for Business web conference is a great place to get up-to-date information about blogging, Twitter, Facebook marketing, using YouTube effectively, and other topics that will help you take full advantage of the socialized web. Lisa Buyer will be showing you how to use social media platforms to take full advantage of media opportunities to promote your business and position yourself as an industry leader.
Here are few of our speakers:

•    Erik Qualman is the author of Socialnomics and his new book Digital Leader
•    Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing
•    Christopher Barger is author of The Social Media Strategist,
•    Hollis Thomases, Author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day
•    Brian Carter, Author of Two Facebook marketing books
•    Krista Neher, Author of Social Media Field Guide
•    Neal Schaffer, Author of Two LinkedIn books
•    Eric Enge, Author of The Art of SEO
•    Megan Berry, Senior Manager of
•    Chase McMichael is the CEO and co-founder of InfiniGrap
•    Lisa Buyer, PR & Social Media guru of The Buyer Group
•    Mark W. Schaefer, Author of “Return on Influence”
•    Marshall Sponder, Author of “Social Media Analytics”
•    Murray Newlands, Blogger & CEO of Influence People

Hope to see you there, get your public relations groove on with me and Intstant eTraining’s Web Conference for Social Media Business.


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