‘Tis the Season: Anyone Looking for Digital Detox Secrets?

Lisa Buyer shares some of her favorite tips on how to protect your time and space during the holidays.
Lisa Buyer shares some of her favorite tips on how to protect your time and space during the holidays.

The holidays. It’s when we try to make everyone else happy and lose sight of what’s important to us. I caught up with Search Engine Journal’s Kelsey Jones to talk how to survive the consequences of social media. My next book is appropriately titled Digital Detox Secrets, and it’s all about digital lifestyle management, ok let’s put it bluntly, keeping our sanity in this social media obsessed world.

Are you starting to feel a sense of social media induced anxiety? Here are some tips on how to survive the social media holiday rush that will help you hit the reset button.

Getting to a Great-ful State of Mind

  • 🖐🏼 Pause. Put your auto responder on over the holiday weekends and time off. The emails can wait, really. Set some boundaries.
  • 👂 Listen. Zero in on friends and family, studies show social media is here to stay. You won’t miss anything.
    Acknowledge. Think about what you’re grateful for and show some gratitude to those that make a difference. Hugs work. Thank you notes are making a comeback. Hard copies rejoice.
  • 📚 Learn. Read a book with purpose (I’m reading one of Steve Jobs faves: Autobiography of a Yogi). Factoid: Jobs first read it as a teenager, then re-read it in India and read it once a year until he died. At his funeral it was given out to each guest in a brown box as a reminder to look at the world from the inside out. Want the cliff notes? You can also watch an Autobiography of a Yogi on Netflix.
  • 💻 Purge. Clear the clutter for 2017 and start early by cleaning out your inbox in record time (Try Unroll.me) I just cleaned out thousands, yes thousands, of useless email subscriptions from my Inbox thanks to Unroll.me.

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Holiday Digital Detox Tips

Do you have any tips you use during the holidays for your digital lifestyle? Share it in the comments!


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