The #PR Nightstand: @aimclear Killer Facebook Ads Book

Going to sleep and waking up with Marty Weintraub (on your nightstand)? Hmmmm. Yes,  it makes so much Facebook sense to have your latest read be Killer Facebook Ads by Marty Weintraub. That is, if you are a smart, online PR Pro looking for a competitive advantage. SEO industry-great, Weintraub, wrote the book Killer Facebook Ads and it just hit the digital screens and shelves across the online marketing world.  It’s basically a Facebook survival guide that offers an unprecedented opportunity for PR pros and businesses to best leverage Facebook marketing into everyday ROI. I see it as a Social PR secret weapon sure to make the competition cringe.Weintraub’s Facebook Karma
I met Weintraub on the Search Engine Strategies and PubCon speaker circuit. Attending his session a few years ago, I knew right away he was a maverick when it comes to online marketing.  This year we collaborated at his Duluth office where I was formally introduced to a Trek Desk and the laser sharp aimClear staff. Together we spent hours on de-mystifying holistic befriending via Facebook and creating a PR module for the aimClear Facebook Intensive Marketing Workshop.

Cover-to-Cover: Cutting Edge Facebook Marketing
Killer Facebook Ads gives readers the  “how to” in creating, launching, measuring, and optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns that truly delivers. The bonus results: valuable information extracted for PR messaging.

Some of my favorite Social PR tips that ‘Smarty Marty’ shares in his 263-page Killer Facebook Ads book resonates with branding, media relations, PR  and how to get extremely targeted exposure at little to no cost! Social media brilliance!

Brand Clarity – Just how much about a client’s brand should be revealed in a Facebook ad? That’s called brand clarity, a term aimClear coined internally. Are you looking for a click or a branding impression?  In Facebook Killer Ads, there are five levels of brand clarity to consider that help when deciding if ads should be brand centric or more of a marketing tease.

Making Facebook Headlines – Weintraub says: Be a headline ninja!  I love this line because headlines are so critical in the PR world and many times get watered down in the exhausting approval process.  Facebook Headline Tip:  Experiment  by headline writing using Twitter as your testing ground and also play 007 and be a secret spy with other advertisers successful headlines.

Facebook Blues and Rainbows – Images, Colors and Sizes – Step out of the box and crop, tilt, flip and saturate when it comes to images. Rainbows of color can deliver a treasure chest of results when used in sync with the rest of Killer Facebook Ads tips and tricks. Using colorful images that stand out from the Facebook page template “sea of blue and white” is one killer tip for Facebook ads AND even your organic Facebook community wall posts.

Buying Friends and CPF (Cost Per Friend) Attracting new friends for Facebook Pages is a outlined in Chapter 8. For online PR pros influencing a company’s Facebook Page, this can be a  rewarding strategy. Just remember, we are not “collecting” friends, PR pros need to feed Facebook friends rich content they want and need.

These are just snippets from the fresh book, Facebook Killers Ads. The next best thing to reading it?  Come to one of the aimClear Facebook Intensive Marketing Workshops, a full day curriculum that takes you from KPI to Ads to PR to SEO to Analytics.

Weintraub is a Facebook warrior who won his badge: Chief of Killer Facebook Ads.


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