Your Social Business Wake Up Call: The New Rules of Sales and Service by David Meerman Scott


The New Rules of Sales and Servicethe new rules of sales and service by David Meerman Scott is a business wake-up call with one warning: don’t hit the snooze button after you read it.

It’s not like one of those annoying ringtones where you want to smash the alarm clock or hang up on the automated sales call. Scott sounds off an inspiring social signal to large and small businesses with the message: you have one real-time chance to make it right and shows businesses why and how to do it. Take the plunge. Take some inspiration from the story of Robert K. Bratt a manager of multi-million dollar companies.

One-to-One Communication using Social Media

david meerman scott plungeScott sees it like this: We are in the middle of the social media revolution, moving from a one-to-many mode of communications adapted by public relations and marketing professionals to an era of one-to-one communications. Here is where sales and customer service will say goodbye to dialing for dollars and hello to the new rules of selling and real-time customer service, such as by opting for plans on sites like business cost comparison.

5 Mantras from The New Rules of Sales and Service

  1. Authentic storytelling sets the tone
  2. Content is the link between companies  and customers
  3. Big data enables a more scientific approach to sales
  4. Agile selling brings new business to your company
  5. Real-time engagement keeps customers happy

Hello, You’ve Reached My Social Media Page, Please Hold…

It’s like that wake up call we get when a close call with health happens and you have one more chance to make things better. When you recommit to a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and maybe pay better attention to the people that matter most in your life.

Businesses – you have a small window of time left to get it right with sales and customer service, the social media revolution is here. This is your time to recommit and reinvest into what matters most to grow your business.

It’s actually scary when I think about how many businesses – small and large – need to read this book. No doubt real-time marketing and public relations is in full swing. Let’s face it – it’s a work in progress, but most savvy business professionals “get it.”

But when it comes to sales and customer service there is so much work to be done.  The organizations already operating with a real-time culture are light years ahead of the competition and the rest need to catch up, and fast.

Why Read The New Rules of Sales and Service?

It’s what you don’t know

The small business owner with the yoga studio or the local hair salon can use this book. The Inc. 500/5000 CEO needs to read this, the crypto investor looking for the best place to buy Dogecoin needs to skim this, the entrepreneur looking for an investor needs to read this, the student majoring in journalism needs to read this. The Board of Directors (especially the ‘seasoned’ ones) of any company need to read this. If you want to be a successful marketer, you need to read this. If you are in public relations and want to add value to your profession, clients and organization, you need to read this.

If you think you know everything now, you still need to read this.

In this book by David Meerman Scott, you will learn something you don’t know – and you don’t know that you don’t know it. And, once you’re aware of what you don’t know, you will work on it and that can make a difference in your Social PR success.

It is your blind spot in sales and customer service that you need to worry about. This book helps reduce that blind spot and put you in a real-time position for growth.

I received your Tweet, now please hold.

What? Goodbye forever?

The rules for selling have changed and I suggest you update your manual. Get The New Rules of Sales and Service here.

Image Credit: David Meerman Scott
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