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The movie The Social Network brings to light the true impact of social media. It’s true, you can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies. Now the social fabric of business, friends and family is forever changed. So, thank you Mark Zuckerberg (and all the people who did not get due credit) for contributing to the success of Facebook.

The Buyer Group Social Network
The Buyer Group Social Network Days

While you can always catch up with me on Facebook, you can also find me in the next month @ some of these Places and Status Updates.

Just published on ClickZ: Writing Your Way to the Top via Google Instant.
I delve into what Google Instant can mean to online PR campaigns

Follow me @LisaBuyer to #SES Chicago
I’m headed to my hometown Chicago for some Windy City SES! And the second best part is @sarahvanelzen is meeting up with me! I’ll be tweeting throughout the conference, speaking, teaching or moderating:

  • Search, PR and the Social Butterfly
  • Social Media Clinic
  • Bringing SEO In-House
  • Ad Copy and Continuity Clinic

If you want to catch up in Chicago October 20-23, DM @lisabuyer

November Calendar
BlueGlass Conference @ Hard Rock November 2-3
CEO, CMO Check in @ The Hard Rock for this online marketing conference featuring the top social media and search marketing industry experts. I’ll be starting the conference conversation with HARO founder Peter Shankman and Brian Clark, CEO of Copyblogger Media, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering attorney.

PubCon Internet Marketing Conference Las Vegas November 8-11
Last conference stop for 2010! This one is not the ‘what’ as much as the ‘who’ that matters! Besides being with all my favorite SEO peeps from Florida in Vegas, I’m sharing the stage for the session Using Twitter and Social Media as a PR Tool with the ultra-cool Sarah Evans (who is honored with 2010 Forbes’ 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter), Sean Jackson and Victoria Harris, all PR pros and social media experts to the core!

The Buyer Group Academy
I’ll be teaching a social media webinar November 19 for ShopToEarth on the latest tips + tricks to socialize in your network. For PR and Ad agencies, tune into my webinar via on how to leverage the new PR: social media.

International Client News
Crossing the borders, we just started a special SEO/PR project for Canadian-based Oxford Seminars! Welcome aboard! Crossing the pond, The Buyer Group is the official U.S.A. PR/Social Media agency for European-based Quintiq, a global B2B software company.

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