The Buyer Group Leads ShopToEarn Social Webinar


Interested in Social Media 101 lessons?

On Tuesday, Lisa Buyer and Sarah Van Elzen hosted the first Social Media Boot Camp for ShopToEarn associates. The Buyer Group covered some serious territory talking about the ins and outs of social media  with a half hour of introductory information for social media beginners.

The Social Media Boot Camp line up included:

LinkedIn – The Professional.
Network, discover professional connections and join the ShopToEarn group
Facebook – The Connector.
Share and connect with friends.
Twitter – For Updates.
What are you doing right now? This social messaging site is all the talk and mini updates.
YouTube – For Watching.
Let the Official ShopToEarn channel tell the story.
Flickr – For Photos.
It’s where all the online photo-sharing happens.

ShopToEarn associates that are new to social media were encouraged to pick their favorite channel and follow ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth.  As a result of the webinar, ShopToEarn had 300 new subscribers, tweeters, and social media brand advocates behind the ShopToEarn name!

The Buyer Group will be heading up monthly Social Media Boot Camp’s for Shop To Earn with the next date on Tuesday May 12th, 2009.


  1. hi lisa –
    i’m very interested in your social media boot camp on may 12 – please let me know how to access it. is it a webinar?

    thx! looking forward to hearing from you — and very excited to be in this business. you’re doing a great job! thank you!


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