The Buyer Group Adds Drama of Reality Blogging to Online PR


Reality Blog Follows Women Through Menopause and Targets Journalists

Deerfield Beach, FL – October 16, 2008 – Sex, gossip, fights, and…menopause? The kind of drama normally reserved for “The Real World” and “Survivor” is coming to desktops and laptops everywhere courtesy of The Buyer Group’s latest social media project,

Sponsored by BodyLogicMD, The Buyer Group’s first foray in the reality blogging world follows in the footsteps of teenage anti-heros LonelyGirl15 and Lil’Loca, However, differentiating itself, the content posted on Menopause Maniac is true, real life hot flashes, a waning sex drive, and a hankering for Snickers.

According to Forrester Research, the industry’s leader in analytics. 25 percent of Americans who are online read blogs and 14 percent of them actively participate in blogs. The marriage between the world of menopause and the blogosphere is a match made in PR heaven for blog sponsor, BodyLogicMD. In addition to the blog, Menopause Maniac is also active on Twitter.

“Menopause Maniac offers something no other menopause forum can – and it comes in the form of Judy B; our first menopause maniac,” said Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of The Buyer Group. “Judy’s willingness to be open about her challenges with menopause invites other women to participate actively in the online conversation happening on the blog and gives them the opportunity to be exposed to BodyLogicMD’s message of relief from menopause symptoms.”

By partnering with The Buyer Group and Judy B, BodyLogicMD has increased their likelihood of being profiled in both online and traditional media outlets.

Now that’s smart PR.

About Menopause Maniac

Sponsored by the bioidentical hormone experts of BodyLogicMD and brought to you by The Buyer Group, Menopause Maniac is a blog that is dedicated to helping women understand the realities of menopause and finding their way to treating their symptoms and living the best life possible using bioidentical hormones. The blog is a slice of life documenting real women who are suffering from the severe symptoms associated with menopause and hormonal imbalances.

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