How To Be Resilient When You Are A Woman in Digital

sheryl sandberg inspires women in tech

When option A does not work, then you have to kick the sh*it out of option B. That’s the sage advice Facebook’s COO (and one of the most inspiring, respected woman in digital) Sheryl Sandberg gave to the UC Berkeley graduating class of 2016 in a moving speech from the heart. Rather than focus on how […]

Facebook COO Gives 3 PR Success Tips for Women

Klout Score and Influence

In Facebook you can “like” a post, you can even “like” a video on YouTube, but in the world of female employees, as success increases, likability decreases.

Why aren’t more women making it to the top? What messages do women need to tell themselves, the peers, our daughters?

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg shares her “likes” and “dislikes” for women and success at the TED Women conference last month.