6 Pinterest PR Secrets To Drive Conversions

Pinterest PR Secrets

Social media posts that include images generate higher engagement, so it’s not surprising that image-centric platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are getting the attention of online retailers. Pinterest, in particular, is perfectly set up for businesses to drive traffic and increase conversion. Here’s why: Pinners are 47% more likely to experience a major life […]

PR Happiness :) Notification: Your Inbox is at Zero

PR Happiness Notification: You're Inbox is at Zero

“Did you get my email?” says every publicist on the planet. In today’s PR world, checking your email inbox is similar to Pandora’s box: once it’s open, you’re exposed and can never go back. Behind every email is a person trying to get something done. They want you to do something. Buy this. Help that. […]

NASA’s Social PR Secrets Revealed by David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek

Marketing the Moon: it’s a time-capsule of NASA’s PR and marketing history, it’s a visually-addicting coffee table book, it’s a fascinating brand journalism case study. Marketing the Moon is best-selling author David Meerman Scott’s latest public relations odyssey co-authored with Richard Jurek. The book, only available in its coffee-table print format,  tells the greatest story […]

Google+ Hangout: Optimizing Your Website for Social Media, PR & Search, #SESSF Coverage

Did you know that many of your website visitors are so obsessed with their mobile devices that they answer calls, check Facebook, send texts and read emails during sex?It’s true, read the study. You better believe they are also social surfing, searching, shopping and reading the news from a mobile device. Those same people are visiting […]