Learn How Small Businesses Optimize Social Media

Social PR Scoops: Mashable Infographic

Social media spending is predicted to skyrocket this year. Businesses lean heavily toward the digital arena when it comes to their 2011 marketing budgets, planning to increase website, e-mail, social media and print advertising. As businesses constantly upgrade their technology, owners are beginning to pay more attention to social media. 75% of businesses are now […]

Social Networking Americans’ Valentine’s Day Plans

Social Networking Americans' Valentines Day

Mashable put together this fascinating infographic based on data gathered from 400 Facebook and Myspace users, giving fresh insight into love in 2011. Wherever you fall on the Facebook relationship spectrum, The Buyer Group wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Social Media Responds to Tiger Woods Mea Culpa

As millions worldwide watched a stoic, unfamiliar Tiger Woods admit wrongdoing and attempt to repair an image shattered by secrecy and sex, reactions on Twitter were as diverse and polarizing as Tiger’s mistresses. Much has been made about Tiger’s public relations response, or lack thereof, since the golf icon’s single car crash in November and […]

Two David’s Team Up Against Google Goliath

The battle for online market share is continuing to intensify as Microsoft opens a can of competition at the established search engine powerhouse, Google. Microsoft’s latest attempt to thrust its newly released Bing.com into the fray has them teaming with Yahoo.  Under the partnership, Yahoo is abandoning its own search technology in favor of the […]