Instagram for #PR: Mobile Photography Tips Tell a News Story

Mobile PR: Reporting News Via Instagram

Updated July 19, 2016 with Canva Mobile App Lights, iPhone, App-tion. Mark Zuckerberg definitely got the picture when he made the move earlier this year with the pre-IPO purchase of Instagram. Since then its growth has been staggering with the latest ComScore numbers reporting Instagram numbers passed Twitter in daily active users on mobile. To […]

Mobile #PR: Picture Perfect Reporting Via iPhone, Instagram , Camera+

Could Instagram be the new PR-Gram and is Camera+ the new PR+? The news of Facebook buying Instragram for a cool $1 billion signifies just how influential and important Mark Zuckerberg thinks images are in social sharing. The recent news underscores the current state of social media on the go and why Zuckerberg obviously believes […]