7 of the Most Awesome Social PR Chat Stories of 2016

7 social pr stories of 2016

Oh snap-crackle-pop, It’s complicated. The only way to describe the social media marketing and public relations scene this year. Snapchat pulled rank on Facebook, Blab died and went to social media heaven, Facebook Live popped into the scene like a 100-pound gorilla and Twitter just might survive because it’s Donald Trump’s favorite form of communication. […]

PR Under the Influence: Why Influencer Marketing is all the Buzz

influencer marketing cats

Influencer marketing is the modern day version of word-of-mouth marketing. If PR owned a bar, influencer marketing would be the featured drink with a high rating of a 81% ROI. It’s the latest buzzworthy addition to the digital marketing world where brands are driving consumers under the influence to Twitter parties, Facebook chats, Google+ Hangouts, Blab […]