5 Social #PR Content Secrets From @JayBaer Wildfire Webinar

Three out of four B2B companies are creating Social PR content and many of them report doing it “because everyone else is doing it”, says Jay Baer, author of the upcoming book Youtility, at a Wildfire by Google-hosted webinar. Baer covered five important points: 1. Keep your business goals in mind when creating Social PR content 2. Think […]

[RECAP] 5 Roads to Social PR ROI via @WildfireApps

Control Freaks and Social PR Alert:  You have officially lost control of your brand message. But have you also lost control of how customers perceive your brand? The good news is “no” but not without a high level strategy to guide your social efforts. A new report by The Wildfire by Google Team — The […]

[Report] How Top Brands Use Online Newsrooms for #SEO Publicity

Social PR ways to Optimize Company News by Lisa Buyer

In case you missed my first Google+ Public Relations Community Expert Hangout: How and Why to Optimize Company News,  I dropped some “hot off the presses” stats thanks to the 2013 Newsroom report from MyNewsDesk. In the Social PR world, anyone can be an influencer. Therefore, a brand’s online newsroom (or media center) is no […]

Lisa Buyer’s Seattle #SMX Advanced Day One

Starbucks Headquarters for #SMX Advanced!

Greetings from Seattle, home to Starbucks and SMX Advanced. I am happy to be reporting from the cult-coffee city of Seattle for SMX Advanced, touted the search marketing conference designed exclusively for experienced Internet marketers. Mixing with those who are fluent in search engine marketing, I am here to capture the PR angle and learn […]