[eBook] Public Relations Fast Forward: 10 Tools and Tips to Generate Leads Today

Social PR Chat Public Relations Fast Forward to the Social Media Future

  In this digital age of public relations one thing is for sure: You cannot change what you refuse to confront. So when public relations pro Cindy Metzler asked me to write the foreword for her first eBook, I answered in all emojis including lots of ❤️and 😄. The best is that I am able to share it with […]

Learn How Small Businesses Optimize Social Media

Social PR Scoops: Mashable Infographic

Social media spending is predicted to skyrocket this year. Businesses lean heavily toward the digital arena when it comes to their 2011 marketing budgets, planning to increase website, e-mail, social media and print advertising. As businesses constantly upgrade their technology, owners are beginning to pay more attention to social media. 75% of businesses are now […]