12 Lit MobileMonkey Marketing Secrets For Every Brand


Do platforms such as MobileMonkey hold the secret to marketing success? If you’re looking for an eighty percent open rate, Facebook Messenger Marketing and Chatbots could be your answer.  In case you missed it, MobileMonkey scored the world’s largest Facebook Messenger and Chatbot summit with 10+ incredible social media marketing heavyweights. Larry Kim, Mari Smith, […]

Sunny☀️ #SMM Tips and Snapchat Secrets @Pubcon

Lisa Buyer Snapchat PR Secrets at Pubcon

Grab your favorite lenses, filters and start social media snapping. It’s that time of year for #SMM at Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2017 on February 21-22 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Here you will find some of my favorite Snapchat PR Secrets, the Social Media Marketing Masters Training Workshop and more. Mark your calendar, buy […]

How to Stay Social #PR Geek Chic In Google Analytics

Have you heard? Words like “social analytics” and “concatenate” are not for geeks! Grab a pair of stylish nerd glasses and say hello to designer dashboards that sparkle with bling, bling visuals and noteworthy ROI (return on investment). It’s time to concatenate your public relations + social media + SEO and check out the results […]