Sunny☀️ #SMM Tips and Snapchat Secrets @Pubcon

Lisa Buyer Snapchat PR Secrets at Pubcon

Grab your favorite lenses, filters and start social media snapping. It’s that time of year for #SMM at Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2017 on February 21-22 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Here you will find some of my favorite Snapchat PR Secrets, the Social Media Marketing Masters Training Workshop and more. Mark your calendar, buy […]

How to Stay Social #PR Geek Chic In Google Analytics

Have you heard? Words like “social analytics” and “concatenate” are not for geeks! Grab a pair of stylish nerd glasses and say hello to designer dashboards that sparkle with bling, bling visuals and noteworthy ROI (return on investment). It’s time to concatenate your public relations + social media + SEO and check out the results […]