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pubcon las vegas 2015

Pubcon Las Vegas 2015 has come and gone faster than you can throw a pair of dice. I attended in hopes of fulfilling my continued education and personal passion of all things social and search and Pubcon did not disappoint!

Our CEO, Lisa Buyer, met up with Jabez LeBret and Melissa Fach for a social media and PR showdown at Pubcon Las Vegas to teach the Social Media Masters Workshop, along with a PR session with Murray Newlands and aimClear’s Marty Weintraub.

With keynote enthusiasts like Guy Kawasaki, Rand Fishkin and Google’s top execs, how can you leave this conference without saying you learned at least 10 things in the search and social world? Industry speakers from around the world came to share their expertise and took the time to network with attendees – needless to say it was a huge success!

#Pubcon guy kawasaki keynote

Now go grab a Starbucks, sit back and check out 10 search and social things I learned at Pubcon…(and this was just the tip of the iceberg.)

Top 10 Search & Social Lessons at – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

10 Search and Social Tools and Tips from Pubcon Las Vegas

1. Interactive Video

In the 80’s there were books that allowed you to choose your own adventure. Fast forward to today…Matt Siltala says to add links, quizzes, chapters and more to your videos.

Tool: Hapyak

2. The Psychology of Color

Jabez LeBret shares the universal favorite color: Blue. Hmmm, think Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. Blue seems to be the colorful metric for social media network success.

Tool: Canva

3. Keywords

I had the honor of watching SEO legend Bruce Clay talk about the state of keywords and what’s trending in today’s search world. “The best keywords will be the ones you are a subject matter expert in,” Bruce Clay told the #Pubcon Search and Social crowd.

4. Be Mobile

Our very own, Lisa Buyer talks mobile PR today and how imperative it is to think and operate via mobile. Lisa says you should ask yourself, what does your website or blog look like on mobile?

Tool: Responsinator

5. Repurpose

It’s a global business world. Make sure to share your content in different time zones. Pubcon’s social media Melissa Fach says schedule your social messaging for a more productive social media life.

Tool: Buffer

6. Content

It’s ok if you start small because as Dave Rohrer says, content is like baseball – it’s walks, bunts, small hits, and home runs. Keep your eye on the content ball and enjoy the social media game.

7. Brainstorm

The key to content is brainstorming. Collective collaboration creates better content.

Tool: Usecandor.com

Meet the new Reactions.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, October 8, 2015


8. Let’s Get Emoji-onal

With Facebook and its breaking news of “Reactions” emojis are the new Like! 2015 US Search Awards winner and Wordstream CEO, Larry Kim, says Emojis will make you more likeable.

Social PR Secret: Use emojis in your tweets for more emoji-onal content! Search Engine Journal shares how to add emojis to your WordPress.

9. The Instant Social Share

Sharing is caring and it’s real-time when it comes to Google. Bill Hartzer shared a


Social PR Secret:If you post a blog, share It on social media within 2 hours and Google will index it quicker!

10. Connect with your Customer

To connect with your audience, you need to understand why your message is important to them. Bruce Clay’s Mindy Weinstein says know your audience inside and out. This will help in curating and creating content and make it more successful.

Tool: SEOTools.com/ksp-tool

Bonus: Keynote Tips from Guy Kawasaki and Rand Fishkin

10a. “Pinterest is the new Google”

Be sure to optimize and get your brand on board! You heard it first by Guy Kawasaki.

pinterest guy kawasaki pubcon

10b. 10X’s Better

“We don’t need better content, we need 10Xs better content.” – Rand Fishkin rand fishkin pubcon

#Pubcon Real-Time Networking Tweeps

If you want to see what others learned at Pubcon, check out the collection of Tweets we curated or follow the #Pubcon Twitter stream.

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