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Lisa Buyer Snapchat PR Secrets at PubconGrab your favorite lenses, filters and start social media snapping. It’s that time of year for #SMM at Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2017 on February 21-22 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. Here you will find some of my favorite Snapchat PR Secrets, the Social Media Marketing Masters Training Workshop and more.

Mark your calendar, buy your conference passes or follow the hashtag #Pubcon for a two-day spin on the latest tracks covering the social media, digital marketing, and search-related research. I’m on the Snapchat panel with Brett Lindstrom. Want something more intensive? We have a full day workshop for that!

Melissa Fach, Dennis Yu, and I are set to deliver the latest in social media for business. I’ll also be moderating the Social Media Brand Awareness and Brand Storytelling panel featuring Victoria Edwards and Miri Rodriquez.

Here are some tips to give you a taste of what’s on the agenda:

“Reveal what inspires your customers, their hopes, and dreams and how you’re helping them get there.”

Miri Rodriquez
Social Media and Community Lead

“Make sure if you’re working with a client to claim all their unofficial brand pages and any stray Facebook pages that may have been created by employees, old and new.”

Victoria Edwards
Guidewell Connect
Senior Manager of Social Media

See @TallChickVic & @MiriRod discussing Social Media Brand Awareness & Brand Storytelling at Pubcon on Feb 22nd

— Pubcon (@Pubcon) January 26, 2017

Dennis Yu brings the secrets behind Facebook Ads to Pubcon.

Don’t miss his session during the Social Media Marketing Masters Session on February 21. Here is a sneak preview of what Dennis is all about, bring your notebook, be prepared for lots of notes.

Melissa Fach never disappoints with her on the spot social media marketing tips like this:

Brett Lindstrom is the Lead Product Designer at CBS Sports and has worked with the largest brands in the world; including the United Nations, Sysco Foods, and Autonation. Attend the Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2017 and Snapchat Session with the renowned virtual reality savvy marketer. Follow him on Twitter  and of course Snapchat.

smm snapchat pr secrets pubcon (1)

“Geofilters; think of them as a campaign.”

Brett Lindstrom, Lead Product Designer & Owner, CBS Sports & Lindstrom Creative told his audience at Visual Storytelling Summit in 2016.

What’s the Pubcon back story? Check out what Joe Laratro shared with @aimClear in an interview.

AC: Could you tell us a bit about the history of Pubcon, from its early days in a London pub to its recent evolution?
JL: Pubcon started as an informal gathering in a pub in London back in 2001. The first one in the USA was in Orange County, Calif; I remember it like it was yesterday. There were maybe 75 people there (I think all of them are considered the industry pioneers). I attended to spend time with Dan Boberg from Goto and Tim Mayer from Inktomi. Last minute, this new team from “Google AdWords” decided to be a sponsor. Who knew in a few short years they would dominate the industry?

Brett and I hit it off when we first met. He was someone that everyone looked up to and respected in the industry. He had an unadulterated vision for Pubcon from day one. Every aspect was for the attendees. He wanted to deliver the best-in-class speakers at a very competitive price. Speaking at Pubcon was a badge of honor for this.

Pubcon held conferences in locations like Boston, Orlando, Dallas, Austin and New Orleans. Over the years, while each one was special, the Vegas conference became the flagship. The smaller shows are providing grounds for newer speakers and new networking concepts.

To date, there have been 34 Pubcon Conferences since 2001, with 13 times in Las Vegas.

Meet us at Pubcon in 2017.



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