Social PR Secrets to Engage in 2016 the Carley Roney Way

2016 Social PR Secrets Carley Rooney lisa buyer

Oh my social media #Selfie, it’s 2016. When entrepreneur Carley Roney hustled up on stage to share her top success secrets at the Four Seasons in Orlando, Florida, I was sitting front and center in a less than an ideal frame of mind. The time was 10:00 am and I had raced to the #Engage15 conference straight from a red-eye originating in Las Vegas. Ouch!

My head was swimming feeling like 2015 featured me racing from one social media conference to the next speaking on panels and teaching workshops to business professionals and entrepreneurs. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, taxi rides, social media check-ins and oh yeah, I did get married too in July. It all seemed like a blur. How ironic that now I was listening to wedding industry icon and founder of The Knot share her entrepreneurial and social media tips.

The truth is Carley’s charismatic and likable personality made it easy for any entrepreneur in the room to perk up. Her words of wisdom felt like a caffeine drip was hooked up to my veins as I took note of her top 10 secrets behind the success of her (and her husband’s) rise to stardom in building The Knot, The Nest, and The Bump. All of sudden Carley’s smarts were turning my less than energetic brain into a sponge of double-time bursts of inspiration.

So after starting The Knot in the early days of the 1997 Wild, Wild West Internet with an investment from AOL to the flagship success of XOXO with two IPOs to managing three children and working with your husband, just how did Carley do it? You don’t have to be in the wedding industry to say “I do” to these success tips as we take on 2016 with intention and commitment.

Carley Roney Top 10 Social PR Secrets to Success

Be a Passion-ista. Look inward and define your passion then take it and express it with enthusiasm! If you are truly passionate about something it will be easy.

Reinvent your industry or yourself. Carley recognized the wedding industry could use some reinvention with the launch of The Knot, an example for any industry or personal brand. The public relations is experiencing a total makeover as you read this, and it’s still unraveling.

You’ve Got… Optimism. Push boundaries and ask yourself “Why can’t I?” You can bet that when Carley was launching The Knot before there were pictures and ads on AOL, the wedding industry might have been rolling their eyes. The reality is if you don’t do it first, someone else will.

Social PR Secret: When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations, not yours.

Decisive. Trust your gut. Carley advises making decisions first thing in the morning. Execution is everything. Studies show that the most important decisions and things to do get done in the morning for best results. Make it ok to fail, the more you fail, the more you learn. The public relations industry has been forced to make quicker decisions and operate in real-time.

Relentless. Everything can be improved and always expect the impossible. What’s important is that you are always striving to do better. In social media we have learned this lesson already, what worked yesterday needs to be improved and done better today.

Transparency. Ask for feedback, listen carefully and define your goals. Figure out how to galvanize your team with communication even if it means over communicating. Carley emphasizes the need to develop trust.

Social PR Secret: Use Slack for communication with your team. Slack is an efficient internal communication app designed to allow businesses to chat and collaborate at work.

Tech-obsessed. Entrepreneurs must embrace change and be on the lookout now for what’s next. I smiled inside at this because being an early adopter is so critical in today’s business and especially in public relations and marketing. Everyone seems to be playing catch up, and the ones that stay current and think ahead will survive.

Team-obsessed. Bring the right people on the bus. It’s about a mix of the talent, attitude, and passion when building an extraordinary team.

Stay Connected. Invest in your network and build your community. As we maneuver through the social media revolution (yes, we are still in the early stages of it), this is the perfect message for brands looking at investing more in social media, it’s all about connecting and joining the conversation with your audience.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude! Gratitude, appreciation, and awe are inspiring…and contagious. Perfectly said: Gratitude is the only cure for anxiety and insecurity. Why because it shines the light back. One of the most common sense tips in public relations is to be giving to the journalists or people you need something from, but not when you need it. It’s those in between times that matter most.

Shine on in 2016.