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It’s a wrap! 2014 was the year businesses got real with social media and public relations, in real-time. Visual, mobile, efficiencies, data, Social PR tools, authenticity and audience… if I had to sum up 2014, that’s what it would be.


Social PR Chat blog posts of 2014

In between the shopping, cooking, eating, wrapping, tweeting and unwrapping of the holiday frenzy, I managed to take a peek at the year’s most shared and loved Social PR Chat posts.  But rather than just dish out the links of the top 10 posts of 2014, I asked myself what was so unique about these posts? Why did they make it to the top 10?

2014 Social PR Trends: Visual, mobile, data, tools, authenticity and audience.

That just about sums up the 2014 trends that made the social media news shake and businesses quake. Yes, 2014 was the year mobile made its mark in marketing history as mobile searches surpassed desktop and brands started taking social media seriously. It was also a time when content marketing became one of the most overused marketing buzzwords, but on the flipside analytics and data zoomed to the priority list. Out of the gate, brands dipped their toes in new ways to reach audiences with real-time visuals and messaging with Snapchat, Instagram and Vine.

The number of fans and followers became so “yesterday” and building a quality community with a “less is more”  and “quality over quantity” approach is now the trend moving into 2015. It hurt a little, ok let’s face it, it hurt a lot when organic reach in Facebook died and went to social media heaven putting brands in a state of “pay to play” panic. Social media community management became a full-time job that included the likes of customer service, human resources and public relations, what a concept!

As the social media “to do’ list grew in 2014, efficiencies became more and more important as smart Social PR pros discovered apps and tools like Buffer to make their lives easier. In 2014, LinkedIn made a comeback!  One of the oldest social media networks and the largest professional social network in the world had a growth spurt with new features including longform publishing and visual oomph with lots of tips from pros like Krista Neher.

I love looking back on what’s happened over the past year. Take the time to check out these posts and prepare yourself for a spectacular 2015.

  1. Meet the 15 Second Press Release: Snapchat, Instagram

  2. Measuring up with Googler Adam Singer, the Data King

  3. How to Beat the Facebook Blues

  4. The Social PR Community Manager’s 6 Step Guide

  5. 8 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions For PR Success

  6. Social PR Mistake: Removing the Date from Blog Posts

  7. 10+ “Razor” Sharp Social Media Management Tips from @IanCleary

  8. Tools and Tips to Get Quoted by the Media as an Expert Source

  9. Cracking the #LinkedIn Profile Code

  10. Inspirational Ways To Use Buffer For Public Relations

What’s on your social PR agenda for 2015?

For more social media and public relations tips in 2015? Read Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer.

Image credit: Kennedy Carbert


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