Social PR Trends with Benefits, + Other Events You Should Know About


Social PR trends with benefitsDear friends looking for Social PR trends with benefits: I just returned from speaking about Social PR trends at SFIMA/PubCon 2014 Summit and BizBash events in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. SFIMA/PubCon is a regional search and social media conference and BizBash is the largest one day gathering of event organizers. Both events were jampacked with talented, creative, ambitious and interesting attendees and speakers with one thing in common: everyone was there to share and learn.


I love attending the sessions I am not speaking at to find the pulse of search and social media marketing through the lens of public relations. After absorbing, processing and marinating my notes, tweets, favorites and camera roll – here’s what I sum up as the latest Social PR trends with benefits.


Paid Social Promotion for Big Payoffs

Check out some of Facebook’s latest ad features to get more publicity for your brand’s content. You can now target your email subscribers on Facebook as well as retarget visitors to your website.


Social PR Secret: Upload an email list to Facebook Ad Manager to build your brand’s Facebook community.


Promoted tweets can be the social version of today’s press release. If you have news or an event or a promotion you want to get extra attention, give it a boost via social paid distribution using Twitter ads.


Audrey Morris, a public relations representative with Moor Communications summed up my session with this tweet and it was so good, she was the winner of my book giveaway!


Make the Grade on Google

With more than 200 factors taken into consideration for Google’s ranking algorithm, it can be hard stay on top of everything. These social PR trends with benefits can help you get more positive publicity with Google.

  • Want to get indexed on Google? Promote your blog within 2 hours or it will have trouble ranking says Bill Hartzer.
  • If an agency makes a suggestions on SEO, talk to them about the risks involved before you say OK.
  • Get away from tracking keywords – track entry pages you will get an idea of what content is popular.
  • If you are an author – pay attention if you control your authorship with publishers.
  • Meta Data is Mega Important! Think of Meta Descriptions as your brand’s ad on #Google.
  • Smart #SEO advice from @TallChickVic that public relations professionals can influence! Learn how to to write meta data and how to make a positive impact on search results in search engines and social media!


Content, Blogs and Social Tweetable Takeaways

  • Act like a true publisher with established guidelines and collaborate with content owners and creators.
  • Content should originate on your website. You don’t own your social pages. You don’t redo cabinets in a house you don’t own.
  • Behind every experience on any device is a human. We can lose sight of that when we are too focused on metrics.
  • Stick with Blogging. It take 15–50 posts to see real progress & depending on how often you post that could take a year.
  • Blogging isn’t something you can do quickly and then it’s done. Think before you begin and plan for the long haul (forever).


Social PR bonus!

Reputation Management 101

Do a Google image search and make sure your CEO (or you) are not showing up in photos doing shots tequila with Hawaiian leis around your neck. Everyone should enjoy a good vacation but the people searching for you are looking for professionals and these types of images can damage your credibility.


Take advantage of social media profile listings as a way to control page one research results for your brand. “The best time to do crisis management is before a crisis,” said search marketing expert and Pubcon speaker Matt Craine.

Upcoming Events with Benefits

I’m packing up my Social PR Secrets and heading to the Midwest this month and then Las Vegas in October. Mark your calendars for these social PR trends worth attending!


SIMEngage on May 15 in Cincinnati powered by Bootcamp Digital and Krista Neher’s team with an awesome line up including Google’s Adam Singer and aimClear’s Marty Weintraub.


Zenith Social Media Conference is in Duluth, Minnesota on May 22 and this will be my third annual trip speaking at this boutique conference filled with the nicest marketers in the world and, as always, the best Social PR trends with benefits shared by greats like Joanna Lord and Lisa Grimm.


Viva Las Vegas! Where all my search and social friends meet up and for the one of the best of the best, Pubcon. Meet me there for some serious social media training with Krista Neher and Jabez Lebret in our full day Masters Training plus the full conference October 6–9, 2014.


You can find me doing book signings at all of my events. In case you can’t make it, buy my book Social PR Secrets or stay tuned for the online training course coming online this summer via Bootcamp Digital.


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