Social PR Strategy: Law Firm Uses New Media To Broadcast PR


Foreclosure Defense Attorney and Legal Blogger Roy Oppenheim on OppenheimLaw.tvOppenheim Law is a leading Florida-based law firm specializing in real estate, particularly foreclosure defense. In addition to being industry experts garnering a large amount of traditional media coverage, Oppenheim openly embraced social media from day one – recognizing the need for a thought leader-driven blog, a branded YouTube channel, and Twitter feed with industry and company news, for starters.

However, simply being active on social networks, while invaluable, wasn’t quite enough. Given the volatile Florida real estate climate, Oppenheim Law’s senior partner and co-founder Roy Oppenheim recognized a need to broadcast his advice to a wider audience. He devised a monthly informational seminar with the latest industry news and legal strategies, to be streamed live with question-and-answer opportunities at the end of each seminar.

Oppenheim selected the popular USTREAM platform as his broadcasting medium, creating a branded channel with a signature URL. Oppenheim Law TV has broadcast 27 consecutive monthly seminars to date, providing answers to thousands of homeowners in need.

According to the 2010 ABA Technology Survey Report, 10% of respondents “had a client retain their legal services as a result of use of online communities/social networking.” This number, while small, is significant and can only be expected to increase in coming years, especially with the rise of social search. Oppenheim Law is a noteworthy example of a B2C business on the social media forefront, leveraging social networks to build brand awareness as well as reaching its target market.

Want to see Oppenheim Law TV in action? A replay of January’s workshop is available for the next seven days at


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