Social PR Fashion Statements on Search Engine Watch

Social media fashion inspiration for this article originated from Michelle Marie's post on Google+ with this image.

Online PR strategies are trending with new “designer” labels like Triberr and PRGenie. Twitter chat hours with  #socialchat and #journchat are IN, while it looks like the title “social media guru” is OUT.  As for the Fall 2011 social media fashion colors; look for Facebook blues and Google rainbows to add to your SocialPR wardrobe.

Editors are reporting Facebook is still in Vogue with Likes, but the little black dress (or suit) of social media is trending to the Google+ look, for those that got the invite.

A study covering the popularity of social plugins on the home pages of major sites signals that Facebook still dominates the social button scene BUT Google +1 is growing quickly with a 28 percent increase in adoption over the last month.

One fashion faux pas illustrated in a comment BrightEdge’s CEO Jim Yu said to Search Engine Watch about the missed opportunity among large websites to fully leverage the top social networks “Over half major websites are still missing basic social optimization plug-ins on their homepage.” WOW!

In my latest Social PR column with Search Engine Watch get the full report of what is IN, OUT and Trending in the online PR, Social Media and SEO world. You will find social media fashion statements from one of my favorite Social PR mover and shakers, Sarah Evans, as well as a collection of Online PR basics, Social Media essentials and SEO must-haves.


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