Social PR Do or Die: Time, Money and ROI by the Numbers



Why should your business go social? Socializing with your clients is easier than ever. Hangouts are the new lunch, Retweets are the new high five, Likes are the new endorsement, and reviews are the new testimonial.

The difference is, today’s marketing is more viral and measurable than ever before.

The Critical Benefits of Social Media

Brand awareness

  • 53% of those active on social networks follow a particular brand.

Competitive edge

  • Have a better social media strategy than your competition
  • Announce new or improved services online

Instant feedback

  • Get the chance to hear about and fix issues before anyone else

Exponential exposure

  • Facebook users share over 4 billion items per day
  • Every time your business is mentioned in social media your brand is reinforced

Social Media and the Internet Advantage

  • Over 2 billion people use the Internet on a daily basis – this is about 30% of the world’s population. The Internet reaches more people in more demographics than any other marketing tool.
  • Appromimately 245 million people, over 80% of Americans, use at least one social networking site.

The Social PR question: What’s the cost of not doing a social media marketing? [Infographic Link]

your wix business must go social


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