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Social PR Chat Interview Marty Weintraub interview with Lisa Buyer

Marty Weintraub knows a thing or 200 about leveraging social media catnip with search marketing magic and public relations wizardry. After all, he wrote two social marketing books with a third on the way, publishes a top shelf marketing blog and founded  a bombshell agency. But it doesn’t stop there…Weintraub also runs a series of workshops and conferences including one of my all time faves: Zenith Social Media Conferences located in the unsuspecting town of Duluth, Minnesota.

SocialPRSecret: Where does he find the space in life to do it all and what makes him so successful?

Marty and I first met in the speaker room at Pubcon in 2009, a place where some of the best business conversations are sparked and friendships started. Since then we’ve shared workshop panels, clients, book writing war stories and even a martini or two together. I caught up with him for an interview to pick his brain about how what advice he would give if he had to do things over and how sees the future of all things social.

@MartyWeintraub Fills in the Social PR Blanks

  • 2015 will be the year of:
    • Integration and expanding budgets in B2B in social media.
    • Deeper digital PR integration in SEO.
  • My favorite thing about LinkedIn is the subtlety with which one can network to extraordinary results.
  • If I had to pick one social network to be on it would be Facebook
  • My biggest regret in my work life is that I was not able to relax and did not take more time to enjoy my kids.
  • I hate __________ about Google. I don’t hate Google. I have a job because of Google.
  • If I had to start over again in the search marketing business I would trust the process more and be less controlling.
  • My favorite thing about Twitter is that there are many users speaking all at once with excellent focus and the ability to filter out noise.

In addition to all your book accolades and holding the 2013 title Search Personality of the Year, what’s next for you?

“I’m writing my third book, which is about life and business not just marketing. This book tells the back-story of my personal survival and shares practices, which made aimClear one of the most storied online marketing firms in the world, riding the counter culture coattails of cancer recovery,” said Weintraub.

Speaking of writing. What are some tips to being a productive and creative writer?

MW: Two words — editorial calendar. Seriously though, it’s important to honor your internal cycles. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing so I don’t. When it’s a commercial assignment, just stick to the schedule and the ideas will flow if you’re a creative professional. Professional means doing it even if you don’t feel like it and being credible.

SocialPRSecret: Editorial Calendars can be your blog’s best friend and the top secret to productivity success.

What are your thoughts on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing?

MW: Well, I don’t think most people who self-publish make any money, which is the usual argument against a major publisher. I’m partial to major publishers. Both my books are on the Wiley/Sybex label. Within a year of releasing Killer Facebook Ads, I was keynoting SES London. Enough said.

Do you have any business mentors?

MW: My mom and dad were hugely instrumental in shaping me as a businessperson. There’s a man named Don Larson who ran an agency in Duluth for years. He taught me the only difference between PR and marketing is which audience you tell what message and that both are about targeting and distribution. Another was Richard (Dick) Wilson. When I met Dick he was the creative director of Carmichael Lynch in Minneapolis. Dick taught me a huge amount about being a creative man and profitable professional. There were several others who taught me, bosses, friends, etc.

SocialPRSecret: Have a business mentor or be one. DYK: Mentors are SIX times more likely to have been promoted to a bigger job.


What advice do you give to someone looking to start their own search marketing or social media agency?

MW: I’ve written extensively about philosophies, which contributed to aimClear’s success on everything from culture to physical health to paying it forward.


SocialPRSecret: Never allow customers or vendors to treat your employees badly. If they do, fire them. Always have your employees’ backs. Don’t accept anything that drains your life’s energy.


Name your favorite people/brands to follow in search and social?

Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, Barry Schwartz, Rand Fishkin, Joanna Lord, Lisa Buyer, Brett Tabke, Jim Boykin, Chris Boggs, Manny Rivas, Merry Morud, Jeremy Mayes, Lisa Grimm, Ian Lurie, Andrew Shotland, Lee Odden, Will Scott, Brian Hale, Eric Enge, Chris Elwell, Colleen Simpson, Dennis Goedegebuure and Marcus Tober.

Want to see or read more about Marty Weintraub? Check out this interview by Kristi Kellogg for the Bruce Clay Blog and you can catch him at pretty much every SMX conference including #SMXWest coming up March 3, 2015.


Want to meet Marty Weintraub and I at the same conference?

Meet us at the 2015 Zenith Social Media Conference where I will have the privilege of presenting the opening keynote on the topic of Space: How to create space in your social media life for opportunity. Meet us in Duluth on April 30, 2015 for this boutique marketing conference with some of the best personal brands in the search and social marketing industry.

Follow @MartyWeintraub and @aimClear for cutting edge business and marketing Tweets of wisdom.

Want more? Read Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer.


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