Social PR: A Royal Example of Optimizing an Event Via Social Media


Social PR FairytaleApparently you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The notoriously traditional British Monarchy jumped on the Social PR bandwagon just in time for the wedding of the century, boasting a streaming YouTube channel (complete with highlights for those who prefer their fairy tales in digest form such as myself),  Twitter handle and Flickr feed.

While some one million-plus people crowded London’s Mall area to wish the royal couple well, the chatter was much louder on the social sphere this morning.

Early numbers indicate that the social frenzy has eclipsed that for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the people’s uprising in Egypt, says USA Today. The same data reports that 65 percent of Royal Wedding conversation on social networks has come from the US.

Little wonder that American TV networks are jumping on the social media opportunity, engaging with viewers both on TV by hosting viewing parties like Regis and Kelly’s, as online, creating a hashtag, @RoyalWedding Twitter handle, live blogs, and Facebook page.

Infographics Courtesy of Mashable

This morning’s ceremony is a great example of how to optimize an event via social media for the people (in this case millions) who wanted to attend an event but couldn’t. As Microsoft community manager and brilliant e-marketer Mel Carson recommends, optimizing social media channels in pictures, video, and reporting via blogs and posts brings your event to life.

Haven’t gotten your Royal Wedding PR fix? Here’s a great blog post on three PR lessons to be learned from Kate and William’s nuptials.


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