Social News Releases Capture 77% More Views

TBG Client Roy Oppenheim using video included in an interactive press release
TBG Client Roy Oppenheim uses video to connect with his audience and in news releases on sites like PitchEngine.

Traditional press releases aren’t dying… They’re extinct.

The key {word} is video. The goal is visibility.

Multimedia press releases that take advantage of photos, videos, audio, social media interaction and content rich links run laps around their stone age counterparts, generating 77% more views than plain text, according to a study by PR Newswire.

Helping contribute to these increased views is the fact that readers are 3.5 times more likely to share a multimedia release online.

Think about it, 77% is a staggering figure and demonstrates that, without a doubt, words alone just won’t do the trick in today’s social landscape. Engaged readers willing to share and interact with your content is every brand’s dream.

According to the study, embedding a picture to a news release means 14% more views. Including a video jumps that figure to 20%. It swells to 48% with both a photo and a video. Adding additional elements like audio or a PowerPoint presentation to photos, videos and text adds up to the 77% boost from just plain text.

“Each discrete piece of content—a photo on the PRN Photo Archive, a video on YouTube, or a syndicated text version of the multimedia release creates its own audience and has a life of its own,” says Sarah Skerik, vice president of social media at PR Newswire. “Collectively, these pieces of content attract a larger audience for the message over a longer period of time.”

Finally, traditional press releases have an average visibility of about 9.5 days, while a multimedia release stays visible and active for about 20 days, according to the study.

“While the press still has undeniable power to inform publics and shape opinions, many communicators are certainly thinking beyond the newsroom – and the blogger – when they’re identifying the audience for a message,” Skerik says.

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