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If you’re in the social media biz, chances are you suffer from social media stress and nomophobia. Say what? It’s the fear of being without your mobile phone. Even Google sees the seriousness of this lifestyle condition giving website owners a mobile-”friendly” ultimatum.

For me, my iPhone is more than an addiction. It’s how I manage my social media stress, business and personal life when I’m not at the office.  (Although you can find me at my desk sometimes using three screens at once!) I even have a Fitbit that alerts me when my phone rings.

Yes, I get anxious when I don’t have my iPhone.

Is all of this mobile technology helping or hurting? My phone can sometimes feel like an antisocial extension of my body and and an annoyance to those not on their mobile phones.

Let’s dig further into this addiction. Studies show that mobile phone use may cause extreme health issues like cancer and brain damage, as well as mental issues such as “text claw and cell phone elbow.” Mobile phones are a mental thing, too. Believe it or not, anxiety disorders such as “nomophobia,” also known as no-mobile-phone phobia, do take over in an alien-like way when someone is not at arm’s reach of their mobile device.

Social PR Secret: Get out from behind your desktop, grab your headset and return some of your calls while walking around the block. Fresh air and movement will give your a brain refresh.


If you’re in the social media biz, it’s likely that you suffer from fair amounts of stress topped with a mild case of nomophobia…you NEED your mobile device nearby…ALWAYS.


Since you’re in the “biz,” the reality is you must almost always have your phone at your social media brand’s reach because (like it or not) everything happens in real-time. So, you need to figure out how to stay on top of this somo (social-mobile) addictive behavior and be as strategic and efficient as possible.

But how can you do that? How can you utilize the powers of your mobile phone in social media management to be more productive without suffering from text claw and neck aches from always looking down at your mobile device?

One way to start is to use mobile apps that give the most and take the least. I’m talking about the apps such as…

Social Content Apps

  • Buffer: When I’m working on the go and want to check up on social media analytics or approve content contributions on the spot, I just hit up Buffer. Done!
  • Daily by Buffer: Finding relevant third-party content is at the swipe of your fingers with this app. It scours the content-o-sphere for what matters most to your audience, take it or leave it. I take it!
  • Newer to the game, but produced by our friends at This app analyzes your Twitter followers and then brings you content that your followers will love!
  • Google Docs/Drive App: Writing, editing and approving content, it never ends. My work lives and breathes on Google Docs, so to have access to it all via my iPhone makes being out of the office pain-free.

Social PR and Productivity Apps

  • Evernote: Since I work on multiple devices, when I see an article or image that I want to save for the future, I use this app to remember it for me.
  • Asana: This is how you can master tasks to put your strategy in place. It can be borderline annoying if you don’t have notifications under control, but it’s probably worth the hassle.
  • Repost: I love using Repost to share mobile-awesomeness from my Instagram community with my Facebook or Twitter peeps.
  • Mention: Real-time media monitoring in the palm of my hands. If one of my clients is mentioned online in the news or in a tweet, I know about it in real-time.
  • Dropbox: This app gives me access to all of my documents on my iPhone. That’s no joke!
  • SignEasy: My CPA sent me my tax return to sign, I did so in a matter a seconds thanks to this masterminded app, and then I saved it to Dropbox. No scanning, faxing, printing, or wasting paper and ink involved.

Social Media Lifestyle Apps

  • MapMyRun and Fitbit: Will you join me in 10,000 steps a day challenge or how about a yoga class? These two apps keep me on my feet and out from behind my desk. I even get a weekly progress report to track my fitness media results.
  • Simply Being and Buddhify: Waking up or going to sleep, five minutes or 30 minutes, these two apps give me a guided brain reset that delivers a dose of the clarity and creativity every social media manager needs.
  • Starbucks: Writer’s block? Latte it up.  When I need a change of scenery I grab my laptop, headset and work cafe style for a few hours. Getting that extra jolt to take you through the afternoon lulls is best served on this app. The Starbucks app is the ultimate check-in to earn more latte rewards (and the best excuse to not carry my wallet).
  • Expedia: I’ve consolidated all of my travel bookings through Expedia and now I know why it has won so many awards: it’s like having a mini-virtual travel assistant. The only thing it doesn’t do is pack my bags and brush my teeth. Maybe next year!
  • Yelp: This is probably one of my most used apps besides Fitbit. I use Yelp to look up local business phone numbers, directions, and reviews. When I’m on the road for business or travelling for fun, I use Yelp to discover the best crowd-sourced places to go and also find out what’s around me.

Mobile App Happy

Without question, we’re now past the mobile tipping point.  Google’s made it a mandate to have a mobile-friendly website even though most consumers prefer apps over the mobile web. With 80% of Internet users owning a smartphone and emerging devices like the iWatch breaking down mobile barriers, there’s no end in sight to mobile growth and usage. Recent data from Nielsen on mobile media time shows consumer preference for mobile apps, which account for 89% of media time!



Nomophobia: Let me know if there’s an app for that! In the meantime, grab your mat, latte, headset, and stay smart about your smartphone space.


Want more? Read Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer.

15+ Mobile Apps for productivity

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Image Source: Mobile Stats - Smart Insights


  1. As a PR college student, I have joined many organizations in order to further my PR skills. I have held PR positions in these organizations that requires more time and effort than anyone expects. Since I have managed various organizations’ social media in addition to my own, I am constantly on my phone. Whether it is writing content, looking for interaction opportunities, or searching for mentions, it requires me to frequently consume media. As a PR student, I often find it difficult to manage effectively time on the brands I manage as well as my personal brand. Like you mentioned, there are days where I am overflowing with stress.
    I am thrilled this post has given light to helpful apps to increase interactivity in person. As PR people, we have to manage our time as effectively as possible because we live in a fast-paced lifestyle. PR people would drown if they could not move out from behind their desktop. The infographic comparing app users to mobile web users shows the vital importance for companies to create apps, or else they cannot compete with other innovative brands. Apps give us PR professionals the ability to work fast and efficient on their media presence, while not detracting from our in-person presence.


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