Social Media Responds to Tiger Woods Mea Culpa


Tiger Woods Apology

As millions worldwide watched a stoic, unfamiliar Tiger Woods admit wrongdoing and attempt to repair an image shattered by secrecy and sex, reactions on Twitter were as diverse and polarizing as Tiger’s mistresses. Much has been made about Tiger’s public relations response, or lack thereof, since the golf icon’s single car crash in November and stories of infidelity flooded the news.

Today, The Buyer Group was monitoring the public’s reaction online and has compiled a collection of Tweets. Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments section, or join the conversation online with @thebuyergroup or @mattinnes

@lisabuyer Dear Tiger Woods integrity and entitlement are usually not from the same soul, but A for effort, action will speak louder

@WarriorsForever Tiger could’ve done more w/less. no need to get angry, talk about religion – just apologize, apologize again

@LeBatardShow Rehab or not, tiger’s stiffness continues to be a problem.

@rscinetti Now we’re in the part of the press conference where he tells us that he’s not going to tell us anything. #tiger

@AlanShipnuck Tiger did himself a world of good with his remarks. It made him human again. I think lotsa people will now be rooting for him to get better.

@j_lantz only true way to measure ANYONE’s sincerity is by their actions. time will tell if Tiger meant what he just said. PERIOD.

@DavidKamerer Dear Tiger Woods: 1. apologize. 2. do the work that shows you’re sincere. 3. play golf excellently. 4. let time go by. Repeat as needed.

@AlanShipnuck TW launched his legend w/an iconic hug w/his dad at the 97 Masters. The lasting image of his personal reclamation will be a teary hug w/Mom.

@TheBigLead pple asking: What else could Tiger have done? IMO, his words were great, but no notes would have been 100% better. too coached, crafted

@EricFisherSBJ Apology, plea for privacy, heavy mention of charity. Straight from the playbook. Yawn.

@ChrisMottram What did cynics expect? Hard to show emotion reading a statement. Off the cuff would’ve been disaster.

@Mashable Tiger Woods Press Conference Draws 683,000 Views on Ustream –


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