Social Media Marketing: 7 Signs You’re Doing it Right


Social Media Marketing: 7 Signs You’re Doing it Right

What happens when you get a group of social media marketing experts and ask them the exact same questions? The best possible insight, predictions, and tips in the industry. Social PR Secrets author, Lisa Buyer  chimes in with nineteen other Social Media Marketing field experts for a mashup of love and likes. All 20 experts were asked the same questions with regards to the future of Social Media Marketing. The results:

Here are seven signs you are on the same track as the social media marketing experts:

  1. You are actively using live video
  2. Buffer is your BFF
  3. Canva is your secret weapon
  4. Snapchat is (at least) on your radar
  5. Paying to play is your game
  6. Storytelling is NOT about you
  7. You are planning and analyzing

Bonus: Meditation is part of your weekly schedule

Want more? Here is a deeper dive into SocialPRChat’s favorite answers.

You’ve Got Them To Follow You, Now What?

It’s no secret that engaging with your followers is crucial in the social media world, if you don’t engage then there really is no point in even participating in social media—and that is deadly.

So what do some of the experts in the field have to say about the primary strategies they use to engage with social media followers,

“I have a daily, weekly, and monthly strategy that includes everything from monitoring brand mentions to interacting and be very generous and giving to sharing the media’s stories.” Buyer says.

Having a monthly plan allows for a better organized, less stressful way of contacting followers, and constantly sharing the media’s stories keeps your feed with continuous communication.

Lisa Buyer Shares Social Media Marketing advice to rankwatch

Who doesn’t like good karma? We know we do!

Buyer isn’t the only expert that finds engagement with follower’s imperative.

Holly Homer, founder of Business2blogger shares her strategy of  on-brand storytelling. It is her primary strategy across all sites and platforms.

“Each social media platform has a different way to tell a story and it is important to stay true to that. Every single post, photo, and link are a reflection of what that follower can expect in the future. I also check analytics and insights obsessively to make sure whatever is posted is resonating with the audience and make changes as needed,” she says.

Making sure that the content you are posting on social media connects with your followers is a great way to keep  followers constantly involved!  

Susie Mcbeth, founder of Publish Monkey, would probably agree with Homer on sharing content that sticks with your audience, Mcbeth‘s approach is “Sharing high-value content that resonates with my audience and keeping it real.”

We couldn’t agree more, being authentic shows your audience who you really are, and what they can expect from you in an honest way! On the other hand, Shonali Burke, founder of Shonali Burke Consulting has a much simpler method of engagement:

“The best way to engage – for me, or for anyone – is to be useful.”

If you are useful, your followers will remember your content and seek you out on their own.

Too Much To Do, Not Enough Time, Help!

Social media tools are the best way to make social media marketing a million times easier! In social media every millisecond is valuable and tools help you stay connected without compromising balance.  So what tool did most experts agree were their favorite:


Among the twenty experts interviewed, those who agreed they loved Buffer are: Buyer, who says “Without a doubt, my “go to” tools would include Buffer and Canva.”

Maddy Osman, Digital marketer at BlogSmith who states that Buffer is an industry standard applications for a reason! Allison Stadd, Marketing and Communications manager at Shake Shack who has been “a long-time fan of Buffer from a personal standpoint.”

In few words, if you aren’t using Buffer, what are you waiting for?

A Trip Into The Future

Social Media Marketing seems to only be expanding, and marketers who want to keep up-to-date must always be aware of where the industry is heading towards. When asked to predict the future of social media Brent Csutoras, CEO at Pixel Road Designs and Managing Partner at Search Engine Journal, expressed his belief that virtually reality will be what launches us to a new age of social media.  

“Augmented Reality will establish the new standard for not only social media but also social interaction as a whole.”

He says, “You can see it in the companies involved with VR/ AR right now, such as Alphabet, Google, Facebook, HTC, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. “Even more impressive is his bold prediction of a futuristic world where he believes that visiting the web and using apps through your mobile device will be a thing of the past, instead he predicts a world where we will be “able to attend a social event with people, share a cup of coffee or even sit across from one another and catch up, with one or both people not physically being in the same space.”

Now that’s a future we will have to see to believe!

A not-so-futuristic prediction is offered by Allison Stadd, Marketing and Communications Manager at Shake Shack, who says:

“It’s clear that the one-on-one, personally tailored experience is where all social communication is headed. No more blasting from the marketing megaphone; we need to be thinking about customizing on a person-to-person basis and meeting people where they’re at, on their terms.”

Lisa Buyer offers up a more Zen prediction.

“With the rise of social media marketing has come the rise of mental burnout, overworked syndromes and stress caused by the unstoppable pace of social media and the FOMO for business and personal brands. As social media takes over our lives more will turn to reclaiming their lives via mediation, yoga and ways to disconnect without having an anxiety attack.”

We couldn’t agree more, as the social media world becomes more interactive and a vital part of our daily lives, taking time to disconnect becomes more of a necessity yet harder to accomplish.

Is Snapchat The Go-To Social Media Platform for Tomorrow?

There are hundreds of social media platforms currently, and there will only be an increase of these platforms in the future, but which can we expect to build momentum? Buyer says “Snapchat has had a rebirth with brands and marketers. Live Video like Facebook Live and Periscope are examples of precedent-setting players.”

Nathan Chan, publisher and CEO at FoundrMag also declares Snapchat as player,” I think Snapchat and also Youtube. Just the way things are going, I think video is going to get a lot bigger because you can see all of these platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, and Snapchat pushing video. This behind the scenes reality tv type can work for brands” says Chan.

Even Brian Carter, internationally Best-Selling Author, speaker and consultant, agrees with Buyer and Chan, he answers,

“Snapchat might- it is an interesting combination of content types that may result in a more interesting user experience than other platforms. If so, it will compel more adoption. The jumping on and investment of companies like ESPN and MTV, if they mention it on TV, also may drive greater adoption. Marketers will begin to try to figure out how to “ruin” it by making it valuable for business.”

We don’t think Snapchat will disappoint all these experts!

The Battle Between Organic vs. Pay to Play

Marketers say hasta la vista to organic reach, most experts pay to play will become vital. Buyer declares

“Pay to play is already the norm versus the exception. Organic is only possible as new features or channels are introduced and brands have a first mover advantage mindset.”

Amit Panchal, Co-Founder of Blood Monk agrees with Buyer, and responds, “Definitely! While organic reach is reduced day by day, brands want results quickly. So… in the days to come marketers would have to completely depend on pay-to-play.”

Neal Schaffer, CEO at Maximize your Social, feels that they already are he says:

“…Organic will only get you so far unless you already have a large following or well-known brand. Those that don’t will be forced to leverage more Paid Social, but it is still inexpensive compared to other forms of paid marketing – and it allows you to handpick your audience in a way that wasn’t possible before social media.”

Interested in all twenty expert’s full answers, check them out here.


Image Source: Canva

Written by: Daniela lozano


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