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Aliza Licht Social PR Secrets


We grabbed our favorite red lipstick and sat down with Aliza Licht today to discuss her top Social PR Secrets and how she used Twitter to make her PR fashion statement. We delved into the knowledge she gained through her career from launching the DKNY PR Girl persona to where she is today. Her focus on the intersection of fashion, digital marketing and social media has been the cornerstone for her success and we were dying to learn just how she does it all!  

Aliza Licht Social Media Lessons

For almost seventeen years, Aliza has focused on the creation of the global brand strategy for Donna Karan and DKNY.  As the anonymous Twitter personality DKNY PR GIRL, she amassed more than 1.5 million followers across all social media platforms (I know, we are jealous too!). Don’t go searching for the popular handle though, it’s all been deleted. When Aliza stepped down from her position as the Senior Vice President of Global Communications, the Twitter account was changed to DKNY. The PR girl secrets didn’t end there, she went on to write Leave Your Mark, a book that gives you tips on how to land your dream job, kill it in your career, and rock social media.

DKNY PR Girl Social Media Lessons

If change doesn’t hurt a little, it’s not change. You have to go beyond where you’re comfortable, or you’re not progressing.” Aliza Licht

How To Be Fashionably “IN” On Social Media

Aliza got a jump start on social media before it took off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach her level of success. Before you run out there making your own anonymous accounts, check out these tips and tricks from Aliza on you can put your best self forward with social.

  • Algorithms Abroad: In the beginning, social media was like the wild west. Brands were able to grow organically and deliver powerful, authentic content while doing so without worrying too much about pandering to algorithms. Nowadays, however, it is necessary to do so.
  • Strategize: Aside from the rare viral post, most content needs to be created within the framework of a strategy that takes into account current algorithms for social media and the platform’s strategy (i.e the thing about IG phasing out focus of the “last 9”).
  • Build better brands, not bigger brands: Current strategies stress focus on specific platforms to avoid user fatigue from being overloaded by options. This allows for a more specific, focused message, and avoids sending mixed signals on different platforms or causing your message to be confused. It’s better to be an ace on one social than a master of none.
  • Tools: Use tools that allow you to track engagement and tailor your content to your audience in ways that will capture their attention and call them to positive actions.
  • Voice: One of the most important skills a social media professional can utilize is the ability to capture a voice and maintain a consistent message. Practice and perfect this in your own social media presence, because where do you think prospective clients and employers will look first to see your skills?

So what if you’ve never worked in social media, but want to make a career shift? Aliza has you covered on that too.

#SocialPRSecrets… Having a portfolio of your work, real or not, is important.

I once interviewed this girl, she was a graphic design candidate, she came in to show me her portfolio and she had worked for Tiffany and Co. and Benefit and this amazing creative. Then she told me that she had never worked with those brands, she just wanted a portfolio when interviewing with a brand to showcase potentiality and skill sets using iconic brand imagery, logos, different variations of logos. 

💋Aliza Licht’s Hot and Not To Avoid PR Disasters

Now you know everything Aliza recommends to be fashionably forward, but naturally what comes next is what not to wear. Here’s some of her advice to avoid a PR nightmare.

  • As a brand you need to be very conscious of what is appropriate and what is your message and stay within it!
  • Be careful to match your content to the voice you’re using in order to be consistent and avoid misunderstandings. The content you post visually should match the written voice.
  • Don’t pander to any kind of world crisis, or any other media buzz, it will come across as false and disingenuous.
  • Even if a post could be genuine and on point, if it is off your brand message then it is still more damage than it is worth! We stress this again because this is a common mistake from many brands on social.
  • Does the media make things worse when it comes to social faux pas? No, the people eat it up and that means the media is just taking notice of content that people will consume. The brand strategy to deal with this is to be more conscious, more cognizant, and having a crisis plan or crisis management team.

Dang, She’s Right. Where Can I Go to Learn More?

“How you brand and market yourself can weigh just as

heavily on your success as your actual skills do.” Aliza Licht

Today we talked about the growth of social media and the way that social media has matured, particularly from a brand growth and best practices perspective.

Remember, you need to think bigger than social. Be an expert in social and an expert in digital marketing. The next level beyond social is digital marketing and that is the big step up from social, in both pay and opportunities. Make sure to know they aren’t the same thing and that you need to always learn and grow.

Content creation is important and amazing, but extrapolate it one step further to digital marketing and you’ll only improve. What better way to do this than by learning from someone who not only did it well, but literally wrote the book about it?

Want more Aliza? We sure do. Make sure to check out her book here. She also dishes out more amazing advice on her Blackboard blog here!



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