Social Media Jam Session with LinkedIn’s Jason Miller

 LinkedIn's Jason Miller takes us behind the blue velvet curtains with social media tips on how to optimize your profile and more.
LinkedIn’s Jason Miller takes us behind the blue velvet curtains with social media tips on how to optimize your profile and more.

For those about to rock social media: We salute content genius Jason Miller all the way from the LinkedIn HQ in San Francisco, CA. He dropped by @UFPUR4932 (the social media management class I teach at the University of Florida) to give some heavy metal social media tips on how to best optimize your LinkedIn profile!

Off-stage, Jason headlines as the Content Strategy Manager for LinkedIn. And in between ensuring LinkedIn content is the best it can be, he’s snapping photos of rock bands and writing and promoting his new book. Wow! Can you say Superman?

Jason’s new book, Welcome to the Funnel, is a combination of everything he’s learned from working for Sony and now LinkedIn. We had to ask about all the rock ‘n’ roll references (and, yes, he admitted that he used to play in a heavy metal band, big hair included!). He also writes a music blog! His book has no fluff or frills and gets down to the core of how to create content that promotes revenue with a bit of humor and rock star flair!

Unchained: LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is now expanding faster than ever. Between where it is today and where it’s going, we asked Jason how he thinks LinkedIn will expand even more in the years to come.

Jason has been with LinkedIn for a year and half and says when he got there, his job was to tell the story of the marketer on LinkedIn. LinkedIn isn’t only for finding a job; they’ve now “positioned themselves to become the definitive professional publishing platform.” Users are looking for content: content to inspire them, content to make them better at what they do, content to make them better marketers.

Social PR Secret: People spend time on other social networks, but INVEST time in LinkedIn.” – Jason Miller

Behind the Blue Velvet Curtain of LinkedIn Company Pages

We asked Jason some of the tips and tricks to make your LinkedIn profile the best it can be to attract traffic and views.

    • Have a company page: It’s your hub and company identity, so publish content on that page. A company page is crucial to drive traffic back to your site and give viewers an idea of what you’re all about!
    • Showcase Pages: Some companies such as Moz have great showcase pages where you can show off your content.
    • SlideShare: Some tend to forget sites like Slideshare aren’t just a content repository. Slideshare is a thought leadership platform where you can share your stories in a quick, fun, and visual way!
    • Sponsored Updates: This is a LinkedIn tool that can take a company update sponsor and target it for brand awareness. If you’re trying to reach new viewers, sponsoring a post or blog is a great way to get your name out there!
    • Publishing Platform of LinkedIn Content: This is one of LinkedIn’s newest and most talked-about features.You can publish content on LinkedIn and tie it to your profile or share it with your network, be proud of your accomplishments, and others will take notice!

What Should Your LinkedIn Profile Look Like?

Now that you know more about LinkedIn and the possibilities that come with the network, you have to know some of the do’s and don’ts for your very own LinkedIn page. We asked Jason to give us the scoop on both:

    • Let’s just get the “what not to do” out of the way first by sending you to this blog post Jason wrote that explains 7 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile is a Hot Mess.
    • Having a good headshot! A professional headshot is one of the first things that people notice. Make sure your picture is sharp!
    • Make sure you have a description of yourself and that all sections are filled out!
    • Ask for recommendations! Even if they aren’t your boss. You can ask professors or someone you’ve volunteered for.
    • Keywords! For business or personal use keywords that are searchable and that describe you, use relative keywords throughout your profile and descriptions. A great example of keyword optimization is the blog Chocolate Donuts by Moz.
    • Be yourself and keep your profile open for others to see your content.

Social PR Secret: Write every day and as much as you can using LinkedIn’s blog-like, longform content updates.

So, there you have it: some helpful tips to create, maintain, and expand your LinkedIn profile from the content master himself, Jason Miller! If you want to see our whole interview with Jason, watch . Rock on, Jason!

Reported by Sydney Thompson
Image credit: Jason Miller


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