Lisa Buyer Interviews Mel Carson: Social Media is the Internet


The online PR reporting started at SES London with this interview but will continue to be promoted in Tweets, Posts, Videos and Blogs, it is called optimizing the event.

When it comes to integrating social media into online PR and marketing campaigns, Mel Carson, Microsoft’s Community Manager, likes to think big.

Carson doesn’t just consider Facebook or Twitter when he is planning how to promote one of Microsoft’s newest product, because for him the entire Internet is part of the social media landscape, he told Lisa Buyer recently at 2011 Search Engine Strategies London conference.

“The way I see it, social media is the Internet,” Carson explained, “It is inherently social.”

Use a social veneer across all platforms
Carson suggests blogs and search, and pretty much anything you can find on the Internet that has a social component to it are all valuable tools in your next marketing and public relations campaign.

Rather than considering different platforms as individual elements,  Carson suggest applying what he calls a “social veneer” to your entire online public relations campaign, whether it be on mobile, television or the Internet.  Instead of limiting your focus on how to use social media in your next PR campaign, Carson insists you should think broader and use the entire Internet experience, incorporating multiple platforms, in order to really make your campaign stand out.

Market outside the room
Carson plans a lot of Microsoft events, some big and some small, but he’s always thinking beyond the audience in front of him.  When he puts together a presentation, he’s not just thinking of the people in the room. Rather every tweet, blog or video his company posts online is for the people who couldn’t make it, he says.

Optimizing Social PR for the event
Your goal should be to bring the event alive for your global audience, Carson states. You do that he suggests, by creating excitement by posting content before the events even starts. Once there, make it your goal to connect to your Internet audience with lots of blogs, tweets, and photographs.

Social PR thinking, the ultimate goal is to get your audience to share your content with others, ultimately growing your own brand. It’s up to how to make that happen, and make sure you provide the mechanism for them to share your content, Carson explains.

Social interaction is Key
Brand interaction is a key metric Carson uses to to determine each campaign’s reach. Every Tweet, every comment and every video viewing related to a particular campaign is compiled and added up.  That gives you a early indication of how many people have interacted with your  brand. Then you’ll have a built-in audience for your next campaign or product launch. Carson’s experience is once you hook these people in, they’ll rarely un-follow you if you deliver a rich experience to them.


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