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Is social media working for you or are you working for social media? If you lack social media efficiency then it may mean the latter. Every time someone at work gets a Facebook message or a tweet, even if it only takes a moment to respond to, it takes them a whopping 23 minutes to get back on task. Taken all together, that costs the American economy $650 billion per year in lost productivity. But if social media is your job, then what?


Brand ambassadors, content creators, digital pioneers; I’m talking to you! If you’re using social media to help generate publicity; let’s face it –  the newsfeed never stops and the notifications can be numbing.

  Save time with social media efficiency 

Whether you run corporate accounts, have multiple clients in an agency-setting or are a public relations specialist and the social responsibilities just fell into your lap – the time-sucking twists and turns of social media can add hours to your day and night. Many believe that managing social networking accounts is fast and easy, but social managers have a demanding schedule of staying on top of constant updates, creating content and responding to fans on top of their other duties like attending meetings. With so much on our plates, social media efficiency is a must otherwise your responsibilities can take over your life!


Let me check one more thing… The desire to check and see how much interaction our posts have garnered combined with smartphone technology that allows us to do so can be a dangerous mix. You can sit down in front of your computer at 9 a.m. and after checking Facebook just one more time, sending just one more tweet and reading one more article, you can blink and it will be time for lunch. Don’t fall into the unproductivity trap. Just because you spent time on it doesn’t mean it was time well-spent. Maximize your efforts and increase your social media efficiency with these tips from Bootcamp Digital.


Have a Plan

Random social media checking can be hazardous to your workday and wreak havoc on your personal life. Start with a plan, keep a stopwatch handy, set limits and create a checklist of what you want to achieve at each login. Then…log off!


Social PR Secret: Try managing your social media in 18 minutes a day! You can read how in the article I wrote for Search Engine Watch.


Set Limits for Unlimited Success

Let’s face it, if you’re constantly checking all of the social networks you have accounts in just to make sure you don’t miss something, you’re not being efficient. Schedule a set time each day to check a network and make it part of your routine. If you believe that the accounts you run require constant monitoring and responses then perhaps devote the first 10 minutes of every hour to that. Better yet, dedicate 15 minutes every two hours. If your accounts don’t require that much time checking in than save the time of opening the browser and logging in and schedule your monitoring to once or twice a day.


Social PR Secret: Set a timer and stick to it! If you decide to only spend 10 minutes checking your accounts but go over by 5 minutes then you just spent 1.5 times your allotted time.


Adjust Your Notification Settings

If you want to have excellent response time, you will need to be alerted when someone converses with you. A social media manager without a smartphone is like a fish out of water. Mobile notifications are imperative if you want to have real-time conversations, but they can also be huge time-wasters if you’re notified of everything. Change the default app settings from alerting you of every interaction to just the crucial ones. If your phone buzzes for every fan or follower it’s going to be distracting. Save those notifications for when you’re on your desktop and limit your mobile notifications to bigger interactions like comments and messages. Social PR Secret: Don’t worry about notifications invading your personal life. You can set them to a do not disturb setting for when you want your work day to end.


Integrate Social Media into Other Activities


Rather than searching for third-party information to share to fill your content gaps look for opportunities to create social media content with what you’re already doing. Attending a convention? Having a company party? Is there a beautiful view from your office window?


Visual branding starts with Snap a photo, come up with a caption, optimize with a hashtag and share! Our experience using Instagram for PR has proven that people are willing to “like” an image and you don’t have to constantly share information-rich articles. Use your smartphone to create content-on-the-go and find others who can create content for you.


Test, Learn and Improve

Spending time to create and post content and then not analyzing your ROI is a Social PR No-No! Use Google Analytics and other tools to track which posts are the most successful for achieving your goals. Tweets are especially important to track because you can repurpose your most engaging tweets regularly. Do your posts with images do better than those with links? Does posting during work days see more engagement than weekends? You’ll be able to answer these questions and more if you track your analytics. Once you see the numbers you can make changes to your social media strategy and watch them soar even higher.


Use Tools to Build Efficiency

Cross post similar content across social networks as appropriate

  • Schedule posts
  • Check multiple networks from one site
  • Set up smart automation

You can schedule posts directly through Facebook and Twitter or use third-party hosting sites like Hootsuite or Buffer. A major benefit of using these applications is that you can check multiple networks from one site and not have to log in to each one which can eliminate distractions while keeping you on top of your game. Some also offer extensive analytics which, as we previously discussed, are significant to strategy building.


While social media is not the best place for control freaks, one thing you can control is your efficiency. Increase your social media efficiency to increase productivity, do a better job overall, and give yourself more you time.  Want more social media training? Check out our friends at Boot Camp Digital for social media efficiency training.



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