Social Media + Cold Case? Lisa Buyer Speaks at SES San Jose


Lisa Buyer has been invited back to speak at Search Engine Strategies San Jose from August 10-14, 2009.  This time, Buyer will be speaking on search and find.  Literally.  The Buyer Group has been working on the Tiffany Sessions Project, a social media campaign to find a clients daughter who went missing 20 years ago.  Buyer will discuss the social media and SEO tactics used to find leads in the Tiffany Sessions case.  Read on for more information about the SES session.

Search & Community Track
SEO for the Greater Good: Using Search to Find Missing Persons

Most people searching for missing adults, children and runaways have limited funds and limited knowledge of search and the available strategies. In this ground-breaking session you will hear from Bob Rahn, a private investigator, who is working on the cold case of a missing adult – pro bono. His private investigation firm approached traditional media as a resource to help spread the word, since he did not know the various avenues available in search or how to implement them. The use of search has been limited due to a lack of funds and not understanding the available search strategies. Missing persons and runaway children cases are some of the most difficult cases to solve and in each case, time is of the essence.

According to Rahn, “Unfortunately with traditional media, we get limited exposure to the case. If we are lucky we get one article or news film clip and that’s it. We believe that by using the unlimited resources of the Internet we would be able to keep the case out in the public eye for an unlimited amount of time.”

Rahn will be joined by Kathleen Fealy, SEO Strategist, who is working with Rahn to optimize web pages and various digital assets in the cold case of missing person Vernon Kent Jones and by Lisa Buyer, PR/SEO, who for many years has been helping Patrick Sessions with a social media campaign to generate leads in the missing persons case of his daughter, Tiffany Sessions.

Current Missing Persons Search Engine Statistics:

  • In Google a search for press release + missing persons returns 5,430,000 results. 16,100,000 results for families + missing persons
  • Twitter has various alert systems such as
  • Facebook has over 500 fan pages, most posted by families, law enforcement, cities and countries.


  • Kathleen Fealy, President, KF Multimedia & Web, Inc.
  • Lisa Buyer, President & CEO, The Buyer Group
  • Lt. Robert H. Rahn, (Retired), CEO & Director of Investigations, Mgmt Resources Ltd of NY


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